0 to 60 in 1.8 years

I arrived at level 60 today, after starting WaniKani in March 2022 (653 days ago).

My background

My Japanese journey has been a long one. I’m Nikkei, so I had a fair bit of exposure to Japanese culture growing up, but I didn’t start studying the language until high school and college. I took a few years of Japanese classes which gave me a decent start on grammar and vocabulary, but I only learned around 100–200 kanji, which meant I basically couldn’t read, which made self-study hard when I left school.

For the next 20 years, I didn’t really use or improve my Japanese. Discovering WaniKani was great for filling in the biggest gap in my Japanese knowledge, and getting to the point where I can learn more by reading independently (and by listening/watching with Japanese captions). I’m now doing a bit of reading or listening every day, and using Anki to remember words that I learn outside of WaniKani.

How I WaniKani

My WaniKani strategy is simple. I don’t use any third-party apps or userscripts. I do 10–15 lessons each morning (skipping occasional days when my schedule doesn’t allow it). I do all my reviews every day (except for one week when I was camping in the wilderness and used vacation mode). This resulted in a pretty steady pace of 11 days per level on average.

My accuracy is high (over 98%) because I already knew some amount of Japanese, and have been continuing to learn and study a lot outside of WaniKani. I suppose I’m also blessed with a good memory. I think this is something you can train to some extent, since I’ve gotten better at memorizing over several years of studying other languages besides Japanese.

These strategies worked for me because of my personal background and current situation. They may not be best for you! Instead of specific advice, I will just say that you should find a way of studying that fits your needs, and find the motivation to stick with it.

Thank you!

Thank you to Tofugu for WaniKani, and to everyone here in the forum for keeping me entertained and motivated!


Congratulations! :crabigator: :cake:


I’m Nikkei too.


Hey mrbubeck! Congrats on your Level 60 achievement. We will accept your thanks, and offer you cake in return, and kanji knowledge!!

-Nick at WK