I know how many Kanji?

Someone asked me how many Kanji I know (my Japanese conversation partner in fact). I had no idea. Does WK provide this information for each level so you know how many you have learnt (plus how much vocab). I know it is not important but I’ve read that the 500 most common Kanji account for about 80% of Kanji used on a daily basis. I would be interested to know when I get close to that.


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Thanks for that. Really interesting. Seems I am completing each level in around 15 days and at that rate I won’t finish until 2020!

Puzzling that the first level took 67 days though. I would be a lot further ahead if I hadn’t had to wait two months to get through it.

I had estimated that I knew about 500 Kanji and was pretty close as from WK it is just under that but I’ve learnt some outside of WK too.

Just hope I don’t lose momentum after
coming back from Japan.

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Because you didn’t know how wanikani work back then maybe ? The first level is supposed to be a 3-days level, when done optimally.

Anyway, 15 days by level is a pretty good pace already ! There is ways to go a bit faster with reorder script but it can get overwhelming really fast.

FYI if you click a level on the chart it will no longer factor into your average and estimates. Wanted to mention that in case that level 1 time was influencing the 15 day per level or 2020 to finish numbers you mentioned.


That makes a big difference. Without level one my average is just under 11 days, which seems about right as it is taking me just over a week and a half per level, and forecast for level 60 is now December 19 (but still May 2020 to have everything burned).

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The answer to the first question depends on what you count as “learned”. Did the lesson? Guru-level? Burned? I used to count Gurus as learned, but now that I don’t feel as bad about the pitiful small number, I’m inclined to only count burned ones, which shows directly on the front page.

(tip: that number goes up roughly as fast as you do lessons, just with a ~6 month time delay. So if you don’t tell anyone you’re learning kanji for six months, they’ll still be impressed with your learning speed. :slight_smile:)

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