WaniKani Offline Mode?

I’m brand new to learning Japanese, I started on Duolingo two weeks ago and I think this would be a great supplement program. Duolingo teaches tougher kanji with easier more useful meanings, and WaniKani teaches kanji in a more intuitive and easy to remember way. The only problem is, in the near future I won’t be able to access the internet consistently. I saw mention of an iOS app, but is there an Android app? And would I be able to download levels to take lessons offline? This is the only thing preventing me from buying a premium version, I’m very impressed so far!

There is an android app called Flaming Durtles! I think you can do reviews offline there too.


Here is the link!


Great, I downloaded it :slight_smile: Now how do I generate the V2 API key? I see the V1 generator but not the V2…

Personal Access Tokens are the V2

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You need to change some settings, so generate a new one and tick some boxes.

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Does that mean I need to purchase the membership before I get a V2 key?

Oh I see! I figured it out! Haha, this community is so helpful, I love it already


thank you so much. I was looking for an app. this is awesome!

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I love you, too


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