WaniKani Meaning Jokes

so i got to level 6 a few hours ago and went through my vocabulary lessons section. i got to “forty two”. chuckled that an alternative meaning was “the answer”. it said “NO NO WAIT that was a joke!” in the meaning explanation. so jokingly i typed “the answer” and it was accepted!! haha!

are there any other shareable examples in farther levels?


Well, it’s the same level, but:


That’s the one I was going to put.

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I think I found another one:

You can submit “balls” for “testicles”.

Oh, I found yet another one.

Not that anyone still cares - this thread is long dead. But I’m enyoing myself over here; if I could like my own posts, I would. Good job, @zEUs_japanese! Another joke meaning found. So proud

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