I am new to this. I just finished level 1. So, hello!

Do we ever study meaning->kanji or meaning->vocabulary (e.g. being shown “to rise” and having to write “上がる”) ?

If not, why not?

Not on here, but there’s where you can sync your API key from here and practice going from EN --> JP! :crabigator::sparkles:


Welcome to WaniKani!

WaniKani only has Japanese -> English.
For English -> Japanese there’s which is basically reverse WaniKani based on the kanji / vocab you already learnt.

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Thank you both for the fast reply and useful link.

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There is also KameSame now, which is similar to KaniWani, but a different approach.

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Nice! We can actually enter kanji in this one.

I just use Quizlet :slight_smile: It has quizess you can use

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