Should I get a WaniKani Subscription?

Hello people !

I’m kinda new here and I’m currently using the free version of the website, which I find quite useful and funny to use.

My point is, for experienced users point of view (you, not me lol), is a subscription worth it ? I’m a bit thoughtful about my spendings, especially for Japanese because I don’t want to spend too much.

Thanks in advance for the advices !

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I’m level 3 and still using the free version. I’d recommend continuing with the site for free a little more, as the creators suggest (and for which, I am grateful). I’m basically almost to the point where I am ready to pay. But I haven’t decided which subscription to pay for: monthly, yearly, or lifetime.

I’m getting closer to where I understand what the time and money cost is. And I’m closer to the point of valuing the time, effort, money, and learning results from the site.


Definitely the best money I’ve spent on a resource for japanese so far. You can go to level 3 until you have a start a subscription to continue. Paying now won’t unlock any more content that what you currently have available.
Take a few weeks and try to do the first few levels and if it works for you, I would sign up for sure!
Good luck


I think that’s what I’ll do for now, but I’m also seriously thinking about taking it aha.

I think I’ll take monthly for a first, and if I manage to do it everyday or so, then I’ll get a yearly one ^^


I think I’ll first finish my free subscription for now, then test it for a month. If I manage to do it every day (I wish, and I hope I will !) then I’ll think about getting a year, thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

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Sounds good. :slight_smile:
So far, I’ve been on it every day since I really started doing the lessons and reviews. It took me a little while to get into the flow… and I still feel like I am getting my bearings. But I think it feels like I’ll be on here quite regularly.

Good to hear ! Are you using anything besides WK to learn ? I know it’s only for kanji, but I’m trying to find a good way to learn grammar, especially since I’ll try the N5 this year.

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Personally, I’m using as much as possible. But WK is in some ways preempting that (in good ways and not good ways). My plan is to continue use phrasebooks, youtube, RTK, and add Genki 1 an a couple other resources to round out my learning. I haven’t yet found the balance, but as a language learner (and language instructor), I firmly believe that well-rounded input and output is essential to language learning. WK has already helped me look back at some of those other resources with improved eyes.

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I see, I’m trying to get advices from people because my learning process is a total mess haha.

As for Genki, I’ve heard about it a few times already, is it a good workbook to learn by myself ?

Haha, I am in the same boat as you!

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Hello Dorifor,
I really reccomend you to do it. It’s a great startoff in the world of the japanese language and it’s really worth

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It is very sufficient and comfortable option to elevate level of japenese. Somewhere among the best ones that Japanese learning market can offer, as far as I concern.

That being said, by all means it can’t make you learn everything about how to use Japanese.

There also things like talking, listening and grammar.

For grammar, as supplement material, I always recommend organic Japanese kawajapa curedolly. From the very first video. She is slowly build up difficulty gradually from novice level.

I find her work incredibly useful.


I see, thanks !

I’ll definitely check it out

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I just want to mention that asking this kind of question on the wk boards, you’ll only get feedback from people who still come to the site, as in, people who think it’s worth it. It might be good to try asking other places were people try to learn Japanese as well, to get more varying opinions. This goes for pretty much every question of this type, about other topics too, it’s important to keep in mind the population you’re questioning.

That being said, I also think the site is worth it lol



It’s true that I wasn’t really thinking about it at all, I should’ve asked on Reddit or something, I’ll check

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In my opinion, subscribing has been awesome ! I can’t recommend Wanikani highly enough.

I’ve been on a couple of years now, and it has really helped push forward my reading ability.

I would say make use of the free levels and see how you get on ! and supplement it with grammar study (Tae Kims online resource is free if you are worried about costs).

How valuable Wanikani is to you will also depend to some extent on what your motivation is for learning Japanese (?).



I like Genki. It can sometimes be a bit tedious or boring on my own, but I think I would feel that way with any textbook.

I also really like the N5 video playlist from Nihongonomori on YouTube. They have 2 for N5 (a part 1 and part 2) and one for every level up to N1 - and videos in other languages than English for some of the JLPT levels, too (in case English isn’t your native language - I say that because we have people from all over on WK!).

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I’m also in the same boat, I just started level three. I find the site to be very useful in having me not have to think about HOW to study. I know it’s only kanji and vocab but it’s something I’ve been sticking to daily so far. I typically fall into the trap of making a perfect deck, or creating a perfect curriculum to follow and I end up spending much more time and energy creating decks that I feel to overwhelmed to actually study. So I think after level three I’ll do the yearly subscription since it’s a better deal (and I’m on the computer all the damn time).
I hope you find what’s best for you


Thanks for your answer,

well, I AM motivated of course, but I’m someone who usually get distracted and sometimes I don’t touch japanese for weeks so …
I’m trying to stay consistent but it’s kind of hard (even tho I love Japanese !)

Why would anyone pay for the lifetime subscription? It’s more than three years that you are paying in advance. Seems like a massive waste of money.