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Hello Everyone,

While studying the WaniKani, i like to have something written that allows me to compare many things in a fast way. So i have created a program that pulls all radicals, kanji and vocabulary lessons and convert them into a word doc. I experimented a lot to find the right combination of proper spacing, font size, number of cells per row etc.

Here is the link to the [word document] from my GitHub repo. (

Hope you will find it useful as well.


I noticed some radicals that are in the doc but aren’t in the actual levels, like for Level 3 it lists radicals for “Drawer” and “Raptor Cage” but besides that, this doc is great, thanks!


Glad that you find it useful. The document is really the result of the data from API directly. No manual operation is involved except formatting the document eventually. Any deviation must be due to the difference between API and UI themselves. I have provided the python source code on Github, feel free to download and run it yourself by entering your own APi key. The program will present the same data over a local webserver.


Very cool !!! Well done !!! Tks for that !!!


that’s really neat
really useful for finding leeches, esp the ones from vocab on same/close levels made out of the same kanji groups

thanks for sharing the fruit of your work!

Also, wait, what? You just joined!!!

Well whether this is a new account or not, welcome to the sect lovely WK forum!
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First of all, welcome to the forums! This is fantastic, I love it!

One quick question, though you shouldn’t feel obliged. Would it be possible to also provide a PDF file? Quite a few rows are split between pages on my machine. If you don’t want to or don’t have the time, it’s absolutely no problem, it’s quite easy for me to fix myself, but I can see others encounter the same “problem”.


Thank you @anon3564849. I am quite new to WK and to the forum.

I have intentionally provided the word format as you may like to further play with the doc, readjust to the paper size you may wish. Sadly no matter what i do, there is always some lessons being divided at undesired places as they span over one page. Fixing one breaks another. For printing, i suggest add manual spacing depending on which lesson you are printing. For viewing on your computer, viewing the html file maybe a better option.

The original version is sorted by the lessons. Now i have add a second version where they are sorted by the datatypes such as first all radicals, followed by kanjis and finally all vocabulary lessons listed. This second version is more printer friendly.

Both documents and their doc, html and pdf versions are uploaded to: GitHub - edipdemirbilek/WaniKani


This is so cool, thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for this huge job, very helpful!!

Thank you so much for making this available. I have wanted to have WaniKani in print form for a long time!

Thank you so much! I was about to start compiling them manually! I am grateful to google for helping me to find this thread, but much more grateful to you for doing the work! Cheers!

Is this problem only on my computer, level 1 radicals Stick, Gun and Leaf are not visible inside their cells? Only their names are visible. Both .docx and .pdf versions.

Great docs. Thank you @anon43709281

The stick and the gun are not real radicals, so they do not show up correctly. You will encounter more of these in future levels. You need to insert them manually into any documents you create.

Also, generally, an anon user is no longer a member here, so you are talking to a wall.

Thank you for your answer!
Best regards.

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