Wanikani July JLPT Community Event (aka Joint Mock JLPT on July 4th, home thread)

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@Mods could you make the first two posts in this thread wikis? :slight_smile:


O yay, the Netherlands buddies! :fist:t2:

I’ve not taken the JLPT before. I’ll be trying the N4. I am quite confident about my grammar, vocab and kanji for N4 (and N3), but my listening is absolute trash lol. I’ve taken up listening practice this week, so hopefully it’ll be good enough for N4 in July! Hell, if it goes very well I might even sign up for N3 too :upside_down_face:


I’m very interested in hearing if anyone has any cool strategies!

I will start my “progress report” by saying that I have no idea what I’m doing :joy:
I’ve never actually studied for a jlpt before, only Japanese in general, which is kinda different because you can just learn things in whatever order you want.
I picked the N3 even though I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t pass it if I tried it right now. Will I at least get by in 4 months? Questionable, but who doesn’t like a challenge :laughing: I have hope.

Current endeavours:

  • I’ve completed the N3 grammar points on bunpro, and I’m currently watching the 日本語の森 N3 playlist to get a better grasp of things
  • Vocab: I think I should roughly (almost) know the amount of words required for N3, except different ones. A rough check via Anki (+ unofficial N3 lists) tells me I have a bit under a thousand words left to learn. (Help.) 9-10 words a day over the next 3-4 months, sounds doable but no clue if I can keep that up. Here’s to trying. :woman_shrugging:
    I usually get my words from reading material and I would like to continue that for the most part, we’ll see how that works out…
  • Listening: ??? My worst skill. I’m 95% sure I’m gonna fail this part no matter what I do over the next couple of months. I listen to podcasts sometimes or the stories on Satori Reader, but probably not nearly enough. Not sure what to do about this one except, well, listen more…

buddies :fist_right: :fist_left:


oop- i took N3 in december 2019 and passed but not with a great score, i kind of wanna take N2 in july to see if im good enough to aim for N1 in december :eye: :lips: :eye: id do N1 to see how badly id fail except i already know i would get -5 in listening and i dont need to beat down my ego that badly

edit: maybe ill sign up for both- :no_mouth:

also buddy :fist: :pensive:


Yay, the main thread is here! I’m looking forward to this. I’m a newbie, just started learning Japanese 2 months ago and therefore will shoot for N5. I’m currenty working through Genki and will finish Chapter 5 this weekend.
I am from Germany and have never taken a JLPT before. I have taken proficency tests for the English language though (which is not remotely the same as Japanese but gives me a base understanding of how a proficency test works in general).

My basic study plan looks like this:

  • Grammar: Finishing a Genki Chapter every 7-10 days (depends on my work shedule)
    → I’m supplementing with the Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar and Youtube grammar videos
    → I’m doing daily reviews on BunPro for the grammar points I learned in Genki
  • Kanji: WaniKani, currently leveling up every 8-9 days though due to work getting busy I might go for 9-10 days
  • Vocab: currently learning Genki and WaniKani vocab is enough for me
    → I will supplement my studies with N5 vocab before the mock test
  • Listening: I’m working with the listening exercises on Genki as well listening exercises online.
  • Reading: Well… I’m not good enough for anything substential… I bought some manga but I only understand parts of Yotsubato. I shall work on reading more when I have a base understanding of grammar.

I don’t really have a timed plan, until last Monday I was in homeoffice due to the lockdown and worked like… maybe two days a week… thanks to that I could blast through the early WaniKani levels. Since Monday I’ve been back on my regular fulltime job and will just study in my lunchbreak and after work.


Yay! I would like to join :smiley: I’m new to these forums, how do I edit the sign-up post?


Yes!!! Hello :smiley:

That sounds good!! You seem to have a really clear idea of the things you want to improve on!! I’m kind of all over the place, I want to work on everything except for listening lol. (Also it might be nice to add ‘strength’ and ‘weakness’ to the sign-up list I’ll go do that)

Unrelated, but seeing how people are posting their study schedules, I thought it might be nice to add that as a column in the sign-up sheet as well, so people can link to their ‘base schedule’ or smth like that? Let me know what you all think.

Oh and don’t hesitate to sign up for more levels, you can always take your name out if you don’t feel up for it in the end!

@Linelineee12 welcome!! :smiley: About signing up, right now the post isn’t a wiki yet (one of the mods has to change it) but once it is, you can edit it yourself and just add a row with your information :slight_smile: Until then, let me know if you want to be signed up! Just post the information I should add and which level you want to take, and I’ll add you asap!

EDIT: the post is now a wiki! If you are still unable to edit yourself in, for example due to your ‘forum membership level’, then post that you’d like to be edited in and someone will help you!


Done! Good luck everyone :nerd_face::heart:


Thank you so much! :smiley:


Just a heads up that if you add your name like @banditraider instead of just ‘banditraider’, you’re going to get a ping every time someone edits the wiki (I think, lol).

I just took the ‘@’ off of mine because of that.


I had no idea, thank you for pointing it out :flushed:


Actually, it might be because someone added the @ onto my name when they did their edit. Now I’m not sure… :thinking:


I did just take out the @ for everyone, but I didn’t add it to anyone’s name :flushed: Either way, let’s leave it out just in case!


Whoops, I also didn’t know :flushed: Thank you!


I think you can tell from my sign up entry that my study is quite unstructured. I mostly learn from WK and reading books, but I quite like it that way and I felt very comfortable in the reading section when I took N4 last year.
I think my weakest point is grammar so this year I’ll try to focus on it a bit more with BunPro or some textbook.


Added myself. :grin:

I took the mock N3 test last December and did alright. Hoping to be in a position to tackle N2 this July!

I struggle with the grammar questions the most. Those questions when you have to select the right grammar particle to fit in a sentence. For some reason, I have no issue understanding (everyday) grammar when it’s spoken aloud. But immersion doesn’t seem to drill the grammar patterns into my head enough to correctly use them in a sentence. So I’ve got the 新完全マスター文法 book in a hope that the exercises will carve them to memory.


Signing up for N2 in order to strengthen current level - esp. hopefully improve sloooooow reading speed, and increase vocabulary. The reading tasks were my weakest point in the N2-test I took last time. Haven’t spend any time practicing reading after that either so, it’d be high time to do something about it!

Unofficially living in the hopes that I’d have enough energy and motivation to also join the N1 group for completely new grammar, vocab etc. Am expecting N2-level being mostly reviewing (it’s also necessary at times) in any case :thinking:


I was not planning to take JLPT any time soon, but this is just too tempting :upside_down_face:
So I will try my luck at N2. After having taken lower-level JLPT tests galore (N5, N5, N4, N4, N3, and passed each time) and did lots of studying for them, I am currently totally swept away by the sweet joy of reading books :wink: In other words, I did not do any grammar studies and only very little vocab studies for N2 yet, and I am not really planning to start them until summer (maybe vocab, though). I’m curious to see how it will turn out…


Ooh, I’m very interested, so I think I will sign up to this. Does anyone know a good way of indicating which JLPT level one currently is at?
I think I might do N4, since I have finished N5 and N4 grammar on BunPro, and of course I have finished Wanikani. I haven’t practiced reading and, speaking and listening almost at all yet, so I think I might need some time for that before I do the test.
Since this is a mockJLPT I think I might want to try JLPT N3 as well, but I’m a bit unsure whether that is an achievable goal for me, especially with my lack of decent vocab.

In any way, a new goal would do me some good and give me new motivation, so I’d love to partake!