Wanikani is just not useful enough, but could be


Of course, I was just messing with you. And it’s indeed not that hard to find.

I used Houhou for 2 weeks or so and so far I find it really useful, especially for vocab you found while reading, way more convenient than creating a flashcard in Anki.


Thanks. Downloaded!

Where in Japan are you?


I love his thread.
…is…is this what Stockholm syndrome feels like?


Yes, yes it is. There’s no turning back now.


Kanagawa~ like 40mins from Shinjuku


I’m on Shikoku. Enjoy!


Oh Shikoku is great! Ya gotta visit Kagawa if you wanna eat some amazing Udon! Also there is an amazing garden there!
Bagels, wonderful bagel place in Kochi!

As you can tell im just a little Jealous… I wanna go back to Shikoku.


And it’s not available for mac :frowning:


There’s a good bagel place in Matsuyama I’ve been to a few times… pretty close to authentic New York taste.

What garden is that?


Heh, I am merely level 2, but I recognised the ‘pile’ radical in that and was able therefore from that and context to work out what that kanji was.


But you can run houhou in a VM.
And make your own csv files to import, for example, from an Anki deck. :slight_smile:


@powerserge Oh seriously! Send me deets ill go next time im in Shikoku.

Its called the Ritsurin garden in (栗林公園 (Ritsurin Garden)


Yomichan does that for Anki and it works in Firefox and Chrome. It’s the best Anki plugin, and possibly has a better interface than Anki itself.


I’m only at level 7 but I first knew the word 友人 before in Romaji term from my favorite japanese anime 夏目友人帳 :joy:


Where do I get 0 yen kanzen master books?! :astonished:


Also interested ^^


Those who bump dead threads and can’t Google don’t deserve them.


I was under the impression that thread’s can be responded on until closed. I do not see why a person can’t comment on something they want to know. Would it be better to open a new thread for this question or do you think it better to just respond here?

Also not everyone is as handy as you or others who found the materials. We are constantly sharing study- and reading materials on the community page. So why is this question any different? The one yen books can also be study material. I do not see why this response was warrented for someone who asked a polite question and myself who also wanted to know the answer.


Yes, it would probably be better… although for the topic at hand, posting about it at all on the forum is problematic.


Why would it be better to open a new thread? I mean the thing is that the books were already mentioned here. If I opened a new thread a lot of people wouldn’t know what I am talking about.

Also I do not understand why posting about 1 yen books would be a problem? Since it implies that you buy them somewhere. Or am I wrong?