Wanikani is just not useful enough, but could be


Is iKnow the app with an orange owl for it’s design?


Houhou - it’s a downloadable JP-ENG dictionary and SRS program you could use to supplement WK, and also the first result when one googles “houhou.”


Thank you sir.

Yeah you can even set the srs intervals and radicals to match wanikani’s too. Basically its like wanikani without levels where you just add the stuff and have a lot more power over the things you learn. You can even manually change review dates and srs levels.


Uh, yeah, “seriously”. If you don’t believe the words you use have an effect on other people, what’s the point of using words at all?

You just said “seriously?” to try to goad me, so you clearly agree with the essence of my argument.

The fact that we aren’t exactly in control of our thoughts (subconscious or otherwise) is precisely what WK exploits so successfully. Your reply is just immature.



I thought your initial reply was a joke. “Seriously” was a perfectly fine reply given the absurdity of your initial comment.

Sometimes people will say things that you don’t want to hear, and thats life. Who cares whether or not words have an affect on people in this case, its irrelevant. We are on a forum and if you are so scared of conflicting opinions then you’re in the wrong place. You’re free to argue for why you disagree but dont just stand there seeking pity that someone elses opinions inadvertently made you feel unsure about something.

Grow up. And its pretty bad if I of all people have to be the one to tell you that.


Actually, it’s very relevant. You lack a basic understanding of psychology, and you’re straw-manning. But I’m not going to debate something that will become evident to you eventually anyway. It comes with life experience. Toodles.


Thank you!


Have a nice day!


Ah, yeah hopefully one day I’ll become enough of an adult with plenty of life experience. Looks like bones aren’t the only thing that get fragile over time, I guess.


Why visit a kanji forum if you don’t want kanji “mind viruses.”


How is the original poster supposed to know that you’d be dealing with a vocabulary word he coincidentally mentioned in his post as you read his post? It seems completely unfair and absurd to ‘blame him’ for the association you’ve mentally made as a result. If I were you, I would use that as a way to remember it all the more since it such a unique circumstance! lOl


lOllllllllllllllllllllllll crazy, isn’t it?


I feel like we are just getting trolled honestly, but its the internet. All kinds of people here


WK made 里心 my favorite word, a worthy title if I would ever write a novel an epic in Japanese.


Troll or just a case of the feelZ.


No it is not :upside_down_face:


Google placement is not an absolute thing :wink:


My point was mainly that “what is houhou?” has an easily-discoverable answer if you search for it even a little bit, but yeah, it wouldn’t be the number 1 link for everyone everywhere, due to one’s location, language settings, and prior search history.


Just downloaded it and synced my wanikani. So far, i can see it being really useful.

It even has swear words built into it!


yeah thats the one!