Wanikani is just not useful enough, but could be


Oh but @forgottenmems quit forever ago.


So settled with cat gifs and knife robot pics then?


I was going to make that joke but I didnt know if anyone who would get it was still on. Went with the self assessed meme instead.


I wonder how many people actually remember self-assessed-n3-sama.


lets find out

@Syphus you remember?


I remember.


More or less. I respect that method enough


omg really?! hahahaha thats too good. Some say she is still practicing by reading amazon reviews to this day…


LOL self assessed. Nice try young one, nice try.


It was a bit of a joke poking fun at another user that used to use this site. I assumed your thing about the jlpt was a joke


really? what level did you pass?


level 5



Naaa it was a joke, your joke went over my head T_T"
Not been here long enough to get the reference… dang


congrats dude thats pretty decent! I know a french dude who got 3! but he literally just studied Japanese throughout university… so like… cheating.


yeah since I’m level 6 it was mostly blind guessing but it worked out well


You should be glad you don’t get that reference.

There’s a trick to it. If you put jibberish between <> brackets, it’ll go through.


But then you still have to type that… eh.


You still have to type at least 10 characters, but at least with that trick you can hide it.


yeah, you’re not missing much. If you’re wondering my actual jlpt level, its just self assessed n2.

The real test comes now if you have been here long enough to get leebo’s joke.


@Nath I know you’re here. Opinions on duolingo?