Wanikani improving and Living a LIFE!

Yeah it’s the number you see on the homepage, that’s a pretty high amount and means those items are coming back over and over again

Those items that don’t seem to stick are called leeches, it may be necessary to go back and reread the mnemonics to make sure you learn it correctly (or come up with your own if WK’s isn’t working for you), and some extra practice can help too! Maybe try getting the Self Study Quiz script and then also getting the additional add on filters which includes leech training, the extra reinforcement may make a difference in helping you bring your apprentice count down

Give yourself some time to do that and then start slowly adding lessons back in once your reviews become manageable again, once you find your ideal balance you’ll start feeling like you’re progressing again ^^ even just a little bit every day is the key to making it to the end

You’ve got this, I’ll see you at 60!