Kanji burnout

小さい rant time

I’ve been suffering from some real kanji overload recently. Daily I’ll have close to 200 reviews and the thought of still having another 40 levels of slowly increasing kanji is a scary thought.

Now it’s not all bad, I have just over 1000 kanji in enlightenment and over 900 in burned, so I feel like I’m making progress.

How many of you suffered from something like this?
and any tips of getting through low motivation?

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You should simply give it some rest if you feel overwhelmed :slight_smile: You shouldn’t see the remaining kanjis as a threat to your stability using Wani Kani, but rather be delighted to discover new ones ! I am not that far from your level and maybe you can related but I personally don’t think there is such a difference between the very first levels and the level I am currently on.
Sure, kanjis become more and more complexes, but by now your routine should be set and your pace constant ! With this key element, I can’t help myself thinking that I am on a cruise and each level is simply an island to stop by… So relax and enjoy your trip :wink: Overthinking about the future is never a solution, keep focusing on your current work and you will definitely get there !

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You have way too many apprentice items. Most people are comfortable with something in the range of 100-120. When you get that down, things are much more manageable. Stop doing lessons for a while until you get that apprentice number down.


This ^ You can just focus on reviews for a week or so if you’re feeling overwhelmed.


This this. ^ There’s a bit of a time lag, but if you stop doing lessons, your review load will fall by half in a couple of days, and half again in a couple of weeks. Find a lesson-doing rate that keeps the work load manageable.

I normally have a good routine, I’d get some done on the way to and from work, around 40 - 60. Then when I get home I try and finish the rest after dinner.

We had been crunching in the office lately which has only added to my burnout, so it’s not all the kanji’s doing >.< and I think I’m in need of a good rest, over the holidays the plan is to turn WK on vacation mode.

thanks for your support


thanks for the advice, I’ll try and get them under 100 before moving onto learning more lessons

it can be a struggle not to get too excited and ploughing through to every next level.


I wouldn’t turn on vacation mode, but I would stop doing lessons until after December. Do your reviews as much as you can, and the App and Guru items will drop, you’ll have burnt more items, and you get to experience the full load of WK in different speeds.

At level 19 (~2600 active items across Apprentice-Enlightened) I went Nope, stopped doing lessons for a while, tried to clear the review queue as much as I could once a day even if I left some undone, etc. I managed to level up to 20 somehow (~2114 active items), but then my Nope got even stronger, stopped doing lessons for ~2 months, and waited until the load was light enough for me to even think of reintroducing lessons (~1100 active items) – and for a while there I did 3 lessons a day. I’ve recently started doing 4 a day now that I’m under 800 active items.

tl;dr: stop doing lessons until you feel like you want to learn more. Don’t stop doing reviews, even if you don’t clear out your review queue every day (10 a day is more than enough if you don’t do any new lessons).


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