Wanikani Icons Update

Following on from the changes made in Wanikani Fonts Update we have just released a change to the way our icons are handled across Wanikani. Previously we used the font-awesome kit web-service to deliver icons which resulted in extra network traffic, and at times, missing icons. We now deliver icons using svgs.


Wondering whether that would explain the disappearance of the speaker icons this evening (until I refreshed the page)…

I think this might’ve broken the undo-userscript’s button icon. At least it would explain why mine was empty when I did my reviews this morning.

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Could there be an impact on script using Fontawsome icons? Or is the change transparent?

My script Item Inspector runs on the dashboard. It relies on Fontawsome icons but I see no impact for now. Should I expect something to change?

Yes you should expect some change in the future. The dashboard uses a self hosted version of font awesome (i.e. it doesn’t make network requests to fontawesome.com to get icons). I couldn’t remove the self hosted font awesome icons yet as there is a component on the dashboard that still uses them. This component will be updated soon and the font awesome library will be removed.

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Thank you for making these smart changes that optimize the app and make it faster :wink: