WaniKani currently in maintenance mode

One of our third party dependencies seems to be having issues right now and its a fairly critical part of the app. I have placed the WaniKani in maintenance mode until we are able to figure this out.

Really sorry for the inconvenience.


Well that was a shock. :open_mouth:
How long do you expect it to take?


Thanks for the update! I just completed a level before the maintenance mode was activated and it didn’t level me up. Something was definitely off.

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How much of my in progress session, of which I’d done 40+ reviews is going to be lost when it’s back up?

If WK is back up within an hour and you re-enter the Reviews page, I don’t think you would lose any of your progress. Beyond that, I suspect you’d have to redo any of them that you didn’t finish both the reading and meaning.


i was JUST about start my 70+ lessons pile. A night off instead it is so :tipping_hand_woman:


I will get back to answering people in a bit. I have to take care of the issue first. Just want to give you an update I am swapping the problem service with one from a different provider. Will take a bit for this to complete.

Thanks again for your patience.


It seems random as to when you lose review items after a session timeout. I find it really frustrating.

This is something where Flaming Durtles really shines with it’s ability to handle completely offline reviews and no session timeout. I honestly don’t understand why WK’s system can’t function similarly by using client side storage during a review session.

I was 40+ reviews into a 110+ pile. And I manage my sessions pretty carefully because easily my least favorite thing about WK is its short session timeout. To have it go down with no notice is exceedingly frustrating. A much, much better approach for emergency takedowns would be to throw a banner up on everyone doing reviews saying WK will be taken offline in 5 minutes for emergency service. At least that would give people a chance to wrap up a session.

To ease your mind a little bit, WK only splits on the last 10 items you review on. All previous items have been completed and have been recorded on the server (given your internet connection is working). So it’s at most 10 items you need to redo.
(BTW using a script like Back-to-Back would lower this to at most 1 item.)


The problem is the resource which manages our async background tasks. This manages tasks that happen after reviews are registered. Like subject unlocks, level ups, etc.

Apps like Flaming Durtles don’t manage this at all. Anything they submit to our API triggers these background tasks.

This problem has nothing to do with offline caching. Offline caching will not help with the problem we are experiencing now.

On our app we cache any failed review submissions. So once we are back online they should submit when you do your reviews and you’ll be caught up.

I understand you have frustrations about a certain part of the app. But the frustration has nothing to do with the issue we are having right now. Please bring it up in another thread. It is just creating unnecessary noise in this topic.


I wasn’t trying to imply that client side storage/caching would fix the problem that necessitated your shutdown, I was implying that it could fix the problem I find most frustrating which is the loss of reviewed items when a session times out, or, relevant to this thread, you take the service down with no notice to users.

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By the way, the maintenance page has a link to the community forum, but the clicking the link doesn’t work for some reason. (In Chrome on MacOS it displays a connection error; in Safari on iOS it just does nothing.) Maybe because it’s trying to load the forum inside an <iframe>?


if you click it in firefox you get

only works if you right click link and open in a new tab

oh my, I had a pile of 155 items in review to do, so tomorrow is gonna be a little tough :sweat_smile:

Ok we are back online. Looks like things are going smoothly.

Really sorry for the long, unexpected downtime.

I need to stick around a bit to monitor the situation and clean-up some things. I’ll round back to the posts made here.


Are users automatically placed on vacation mode when this happens? So if you had 20 reviews, then 10 coming in the next hour, then 15 coming in the next hour, then 10 coming in the next hour you won’t suddenly have 55 when it comes back online?

EDIT: Just saw it’s back up. I now have 41 reviews and I was working on I think 8 when it went off, so I guess not.

I cleared my reviews but stuck on current level with all items completed :frowning:

Will it resolve itself at some point?

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From one software engineer to another, thanks for the transparency and quick resolution! I know these incidents can been stressful :sweat_smile:


Are users automatically placed on vacation mode when this happens?

I think I read before on an old post that vacation mode isn’t enabled for maintenance, they might do it for longer maintenance though.

Right? Great job @viet and everyone involved in resolving this incident.

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