Worst WaniKani sessions

To celebrate my 2nd-level-birthday, ahead of the trials-and-oh-god-tribulations I presume should arrive soon as things get progressively more difficult to learn/memorize, I’d like to hear what your worst WaniKani sessions were. An odd to approach to hopefulness, but I think seeing that even people who’ve been through some particularly horrid days - single-digit number for % of correct answers, slacking off for weeks and coming back to 700k reviews, etc., seem to be the common ones - would prove to be a burst of inspiration to just keep going. Keep going at it.


I tried to go too fast when I was level 40 to 60, and because I was also often away (vacations etc) at some point I had 2000+ reviews. At that point I installed the reorder script (something I’m not a fan of) to tackle items from higher levels first.

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First off, congrats on Level 2, I hope you keep going!

I had my worst ever session just today. I had WK on vacation mode for 2.5 months and I’ve come back to 500 reviews. After a couple hours reviewing I got 33% right and pushed 200 items back to apprentice.

Big Ouch.

It didn’t hurt so much because I expected it. Exams and work made my reviews and lessons pile up so I put it on vacation mode until things calmed down. But coming back has been VERY hard, mainly out of dread of failing everything, so I just kept ignoring WK for too long.
The important thing is that I’m back and I’ll try to get the routine going again.

The moral of the story is to obviously do reviews everyday and such, but also WATCH OUT WITH VACATION MODE. It gets to a point where it’s very enticing to pause WK for a couple days or a week. But turning vacation mode off and coming back to the grind is the hardest part.

Cya’ Around


LOL made this account because I had a 3000+ review count after a WK long break and only managed to make it worse by making tons of mistakes, my Apprentice count got as high as 2800.

I actually was making some good progress trying to get my account back to normal, because I didn’t want to lose my shiny level 60 badge but the effort required to get the beast under control was just too high (I was doing around 1,000 reviews daily) and there’s other stuff going on in my life so I had to let it go :c

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I’ve heard of people resetting from level 60 to 1. I’d never heard of people reaching level 60 then creating a new account :rofl:


I don’t think I’m the first one but surely you don’t read that in the forums lol

But I never upgraded to a lifetime account so…

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I’ll be creating a new account, join the forums, and declare to everyone that I’ll be way better than the jprsperdsfkldsjl everyone talks about.


That said, it feels so weird to be waiting for reviews again haha

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Can I add you to my leaderboard? I’m a total newbie currently on level 2 and it’d be interesting to see how quickly you’ll advance through the levels !! I’m rooting for you.

Ayyy I’m also on level 2! I, too, am scared of what is to come for us in the future… Would it be okay if I added you to my leaderboard? It’d be nice to have somebody who’s around the same level so that I can push myself if I’m lagging behind. Good luck on your journey!

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I haven’t been doing this long enough to have some majorly bad sessions.
But I just happened to do 4 reviews and only got 2 correct. So that’s 50%.
Hope I’ll never see that again. Especially since I got 98% this morning, also with 2 mistakes. It just got compensated with around 96 correct.

Yeah, you’ll want to keep those accuracy scores as high as you can so it doesn’t get crazy later on.

Trust me, I’ve seen things… Horrible things

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Sure! I’m in! :slight_smile:
Let me know where can I check your leaderboard, if it is publicly available, of course

Sure! Go for it. glhf @ u2 bb

Hey @droli, I totally forgot to tell you. I took @yugimotta’s place so you might want to update your leaderboard if you’re still interested :slight_smile:
I added you to mine

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Thanks, noted! Happy to see you’re still going strong^^

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