WaniKani Context Sentences - Spreadsheets

Hi everyone! I made spreadsheets with the context sentences from WaniKani. I wanted to use the context sentences to practise understanding written Japanese, but I struggled to use the context sentences effectively because the English translation appears right next to the Japanese. In the spreadsheets I’ve produced, there is a “full” sheet with the Japanese and the English, and a Japanese-only sheet. There are 6 spreadsheets in total, one for each WaniKani difficulty level: pleasant, painful, death, hell, paradise, and reality.

I hope you all find this as useful as I have!



In case you’re interested, there’s a script that will hide the translation until you hover over it.


Thank you, this looks great. I wanted to do something similar and collect all the context sentences but didn’t get around to writing the script; now I don’t have to! I appreciate the Japanese only spreadsheets, in particular.