WaniKani Content Overhaul


Well that one already refers to him being spread out like a carpet, and that someone’s been hunting sheen’s…so it’s kinda appropriate :wink:



Sigh… unfortunately I just found this out with 困.

That’s okay, I wanted that kanji to go back to Guru anyway. >.>


Yeah, I see a box, too. Not sure why, but this is the first one that it happened.


Will the the old Kanji readings be update to also teach the onyomi first?
And is there anyway to download thew new mnemonics to Anki? as I have been inputting them practising writing them as I levelled up with over 1000 kanji so far, using the wanikani stories. If I switch on here to the new menmonics, then My anki Deck for kanji will have different stories.
Could you maybe add a function to https://wanikaniexplorer.com/ that would let me do this?



I’m so happy the radical for 本 is now book! This was one of my eternal leeches. Thanks for the amazing work!


You could’ve just added a synonym, though. All radicals have 0 synonyms by default.

I guess I can see why, but not accepting even valid kanji meanings is a bit harsh IMO.


I’ve managed to fix it myself, don’t know if this applies to you too.

I’m running Arch Linux, and I was using the adobe-source-han-sans-jp-fonts font package
I’ve now installed adobe-source-han-sans-otc-fonts in addition and it’s added at least this missing radical




We won’t be updating any of the old mnemonics anymore. But I think someone up there said…

So maybe secretly ask them if they can send it to you?

(Technically we don’t approve of sharing all our content via Anki like this, but we won’t be mad this one time.)


Darn I was coming here to comment that!


Don’t want to read through 600+ replies, but maybe someone will see mine and know the answer. I downloaded the third party app Tsurukame so I can use Wanikani when I’m not at home. Problem is, since the update, the app won’t use the new radical names, it will only use the old ones, still? I’m wondering if I have to just delete and redownload the app on my phone. I already updated to the new radicals on a desktop PC so I don’t know what the deal is.


The third party apps might need some time to catch up. They didn’t get the new info prior to the release


I’d recommend checking out the app’s thread (it looks like there’s a fix on its way):

But just in case, I’d let the creator know.


so uhhhhhhhh

the heck


Uhhhh we can fix that.


Got the same just now.


Crosspossing from Wani Kani Content Overhaul Announcement as all the cool peeps are in here:

The Mmemonic for 劇 now says: ‘You remember Beck’s grandfather, Geck (げき), right? Well, Geck did all the music featured in this drama. Geck’s pretty talented. You’re impressed.’

Is this the result of overhaul, where Beck and apparently his grandfather Geck play a major role? If so, where are the characters first introduced?




Alright, alright, I’ll admit I missed the file extension. Hit reload and it should be back to image goodness.