WaniKani Content Overhaul


This is an old mnemonic. We couldn’t come up with one that was better (which is sad, I know), but if you can, we’re taking requests over at hello@wanikani.com! (I personally don’t like Beck that much, even though music is big for me, so I’d be happy to kill his granpappy.)


I’m very happy with the update, I struggled a lot with the previous meanings. I just wish there was a way to completely eradicate the old meanings (especially when typing in an old meaning and getting it “correct”). SEI SEI SEI!


Aaaaaand, it’s there :blush:


Any examples of removed mnemonics?


Like this: " "


You can see those with the Display Old Mnemonics tool (if you’re just curious), or if you’d like to see more examples than the one that’s gif’d in the first post.

Or did you mean removed radicals?


Yes, it did solve the problem. Thanks for the tip :wink:
I Installed the Han Sans font for windows and now it’s displaying the character correctly.

Here’s the link in case anyone needs it.


Hi! Tsurukame author here! I updated the app today with the new radical names. It should show the new name first, and still have the old names as secondary names. I’m planning to add a setting to hide/show the old radical names, but I wanted to get that update out ASAP.


…wut :thinking:


I’m sure someone has already posted, but I’m already in the fast levels, which makes me want to and not want to relearn the new radicals… ;-; I’m enjoying reading the new content, though! It looks great so far, although it’s funny how I’ve somehow memorized some of the radicals by their old names even if they’re radically different.
cough excuse the pun cough cough

Should I…

  • Relearn all the radical names immediately
  • Wait 'til level up
  • Bow down to the great Crabigator

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Yay, my first poll! (I think…)

Will take other suggestions to make transitioning easier. :slight_smile:
Good luck everyone, and great job, WK team!!


I’d learn all the new ones (those that showed up in your lessons’ pile) immediately… because those are the ones that might affect your progress (kanji unlocking, etc). The others (in the tools’ page) are just substitutes of radicals that are already in your SRS, so no dealing with kanji not unlocking. With those, you can do whatever you want with them later (relearning them all, relearning only a few, not relearning any of them).


I’m excited to look this over. Since I’m only level 10 this won’t be too drastic of a change.


Half tempted to resurrect all the Kanji’s that switched readings, but so many… That’d be like doing an entire level over again.


Oh, yes, I’ve learned the ones in my lessons pile already, I forgot to mention that.

I’d like to relearn them for the sake of relearning them, especially since they might be closer to the original or kanji semantic meaning, but I’m currently waiting it out since I don’t want them mixed up into my current reviews… I probably don’t have any good reason for waiting other than I don’t want to be overwhelmed with too much new content lol.


Sounds like a good reason to me :wink: Fast levels are tough after all (: :v:


I think having the level indicator stay gold in color would work well for this purpose.


Much like the radicals, can we have a tool to unburn these? I wouldn’t mind going back through these and learning the on readings in the event I didn’t already know.


I’d have to talk to the rest of the team about that - but, before that just wanted to point out that I feel like you probably know those kanji’s readings via the vocabulary (especially being at level 60!). At some point, through the kanji and vocab quizzing, the readings should start mixing together. With enough reading, you should develop an instinct for knowing when to use which reading, too. It’s all a bit hypothetical what I’m saying, but I’m guessing you know the readings well enough where you wouldn’t have to re-learn them!


This update is something bad. There are kanjis that I have known from like 8 levels ago, which reading changed, so now when it comes out in the reviews and I use the reading I know, it’s wrong and goes down a level.

On the other hand. Are radical names original from the language? or are they invented by WaniKani staff? If the latter, then why change them? The image radical used to have a way better mnemonic and name. Now it has some backwards S nonsense. But really the worst part is still the fact that kanji readings were changed and now, I don’t know what they are. Sheesh! I don’t know whether to just cancel WK or what.


That’s not the case. You will never be marked wrong for the other reading, you’ll just be asked for the other one. Which you know from vocab.