WaniKani Content Overhaul

Sorry to duplicate if someone already asked this question.

Let’s say I relearn all urgent radicals now, then at the times I level up, do the kanji with the changed-radical will be unlocked? (Because it will be not guru-ed yet)

In theory, but there are some new ones too, so might get complicated not to change.
At your level I would highly recommend going towards the new way, but it is up to you =)

I have gotten the understanding that if we relearn them they become apprentice again, so it will indeed lock the kanji that use them until gurue’d.

I’m waiting to do all of mine till just after I do the second batch of kanji, so they will guru around the same time I level up =)

Also notice, that if the radicals did not change, the old mnemonics for the kanji might not be displayed even if you select to be displayed.
For example, Stalin is not anymore in the mnemonics of 上, regardless of how you set your preferences. They purged Stalin, the KKK, Charlie Sheen forever. There is no way of getting them back in your mnemonics.

The new ones already appeared in my lesson queue, a few kanji and new radicals, along with a few vocab. In total, there was about 12 lessons, if I’m not mistaken.

So, it’s not like I’m missing any new content.

And to be totally honest, I took a look at a few new mnemonics, and boy, they sound so general and devoid of any uniqueness that make them easy to remember. That’s why I prefer the old way. Now, with the radicals named after the kanji themselves, it becomes harder for them to create mnemonics that stick.

I understand there are people who prefer the new ones, but for now, I’m sticking with the old mnemonics. Remember, the wackier the mnemonic, the easier it is to recall it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I will try to learn the new names for the radicals, but if I find a mnemonic too vague I will peak at the old one and see if it works better =P

I actually have anki deck of all wanikani levels, so I can check the old mnemonics if needed. :wink:


So, how many kanji reviews still ask for kun’yomi? It seems like it must be a super short list now.

Edit: I just realized that [Userscript] WaniKani Katakana Madness used a hard-coded list and now it’s out-of-date. Anyone got an up-to-date userscript for katakana on’yomi kanji reviews?

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I see Hard Gay as exactly as offensive as white people in blackface.

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(Though we don’t live in them), yurts are still a thing in Hungary! We usually have a few out during traditional fairs.


is there a way to see a list of the affected kanji?

The affected kanji were listed earlier:


I think I’ll celebrate level 60 by unlocking these. Meanwhile I’ll play the old geezer and mumble about good ole times.


Pretty much. Unless a mnemonic used those AND had their radicals change, then it won’t appear in the settings.

Not a stupid question! I wouldn’t say it would be useless to learn the new ones. We’ll be supporting the new radical names and new mnemonics going forward, and if we were to, say, add more levels and kanji to the site at some point they’d follow the changed/new radicals and new mnemonics too. So long term, I’d say it’s better to switch, but that certainly doesn’t mean anyone has to!

Kanji unlock when the radicals that make them reach guru. If you already had the radicals that make up most (90%) of the kanji at your level before the change yesterday, it shouldn’t affect your level up time. So it depends on the person. If you want to be super safe, you can wait until you unlock all of your kanji before using the relearn tool. Then it shouldn’t slow you down at all.


Hmm, on my screen the Gladiator kanji is a square box. I think maybe there’s a font issue with this kanji?


I found a Sheen reference today in a vocab word! 敷く
So there are some traces left!

I think it’s still a good amunt! We only switch a little over 40 to on’yomi (if you check out the list).

If you mean all the kanji we touched in any way (radical composition, new mnemonics, taught reading change, level change), we haven’t generated one, but I can tell you it was 1280 of the 2027. (That’s not including the radicals and vocab, just kanji.)

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Not when I find them. >:O

(It’s actually really hard for us to search through mnemonics for vocab, so I’m sure there are some we still need to tweak out there. If you don’t tell us, we may never know about the last remaining Sheens hiding out there.)


Can you send this screenshot and an explanation in to hello@wanikani.com? (Also include what OS/browser you’re using and turn off any third-party extensions.) We should be using the unicode for this character, but the devs may know how to get it to show up for you!

Well that one already refers to him being spread out like a carpet, and that someone’s been hunting sheen’s…so it’s kinda appropriate :wink: