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Yes, the tools page only shows changed radicals. wkstats.com grays out the radicals/kanji/vocab that have been removed as “unlearned”. So you’re right - a level 60’s wkstats item list should show all the items that are now gone. But still no way of seeing which mnemonics that have already been learnt are now different.


2 years at least - maybe more if we see a lot of folks still using the tool. It wouldn’t be hard to change either way, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.


Might’ve already been mentioned, but the “resurrect” button doesn’t seem to be working (at least for 久, which is one of the kanji that switched to on’yomi). It just gives that “You’re quite the explorer” message when you click it).


And the version with more information (since there seems to be some interest):

Kanji Level Kun’yomi Reading(s) On’yomi Reading(s)
2 ひだり
2 よん, よ
2 みぎ ゆう
3 かた ほう
4 いし せき
4 う, ぶ
5 あに きょう
5 かんが こう
5 かわ
6 ほし せい
8 じょう
8 いけ
8 とう
9 じゅ
9 ばい
9 もの ぶつ
10 はじ
11 ゆび, さ
11 つた, つて でん
11 よ, い りょう
12 あ, あい ごう
12 まつり, まつ さい
12 たい
12 き, つ ちゃく
16 とお えん
16 しゅ
16 よく
17 よろこ
17 ほそ, こま さい
17 かな
19 いそが ぼう
20 こま こん
22 ね, あたい
26 はり しん
30 あそ ゆう
32 ひさ きゅう
39 こう
45 たましい こん
54 あんず こう

Edit: Removed the duplicates…


Nevermind! I’m dumb :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: – it’s not working because it went all the way up to level 32, which is higher than my current level. I’m assuming I’ll only be able to resurrect it once I reach level 32?


Thank you! Could this be added to the OP?

I’ve actually laughed at some of the mnemonics already @Kristen so thank you :joy: :purple_heart:


Kind of - if you’ve guru’d the radical, re-learning it won’t affect unlocked kanji. It will still hold the “passed” status.

But, if they haven’t been guru’d, though, the srs stage will go back to zero and since there’s no “passed” state there, it would indeed add extra time to your review process.


Might not be a satisfactory answer, but I can take you behind the thought process on that one.

In terms of why it’s not movement:

  1. The radical itself isn’t a kanji to be learned (it’s always a part of kanji), so we don’t have to seriously consider its actual or traditional meaning.
  2. Movement is a bit hard to visualize - adding movement to another radical name can be hit or miss, mnemonic-wise.
  3. Scooters are really easy to visualize - lots of good shenanigans that can happen with a scooter.
  4. Arguably, water slide is fine too, but if I remember right, we looked at all the kanji and decided we could make better mnemonics with scooter > water slide, so we went with that one. I think the Japanese radical name is road, and a scooter goes on a road - that helps too.

Anyways, that’s just the thought process so you can see there was one, even if the end result is up for debate, depending on if you know what a scooter is / how many summers you spent at water parks, etc., :smiley:


宝, 保, and 試


Thank you so much for this list! I missed 考 last night after re-entering かんが five times, after which I stared off into the distance realizing how much I still don’t know about Japanese…

Thank you all for all your hard work on this! It’s time to roll up my sleeves and go learn all these readings that I had no clue about.


:thinking: Those three didn’t get updated readings yesterday — they’ve been on’yomi for a while. Is there something I missed in the list?


Oh sorry! Still getting used to the forums.

This was in response to @koichi question about what new kanji popped up for me when the update hit.



Localization for the site (menu, etc) isn’t too hard. But, localization of mnemonics is a bit bigger of a project. It’s not just translation (I say just, but that’s a huge project in itself) - it’s writing entirely new mnemonics since a new language would require new puns. Something we may consider doing in the distant future, but right now it’s too big for our britches.


This is going to be painful…


You only really need to worry about the ones around your level :slightly_smiling_face: for older ones you’ll have seen vocab teaching you the on’yomi by now in nearly all cases, and for later ones… you won’t have learnt them yet! Just have a quick run-through up to 11 to check for any discrepancies.


Added the generated list of on’yomi/kun’yomi changes to kanji to the OP. Maybe peruse through to see what’s going to trip you up. Here’s my recommendation:

Any kanji you just learned, might be worth relearning (go through the item info page).

Any kanji you learned a while ago, take a look, think of the vocab you learned with it, and then make sure you can pull up the correct (new) reading based off that. You won’t get marked wrong for putting in the other reading, but it will ask for the other one instead. If you can do that, I don’t think you need to re-learn it. Just use the vocab. The goal is for you to learn all the kanji readings anyways (through vocab), but it happens several levels after you “learn” the kanji itself. Gauge it for yourself with the list in the OP!


I know… but they are “burned” in my memory… and for the ones in recent levels… I’ll need to cheat:

受 is level 9 (I’m at 11) and the 2 vocavulary I have learned so far use the kun’yomi reading


Yeah, same ^^ but you won’t get the reviews wrong or anything, so hopefully it won’t take long for the on’yomi to become second nature as well.


@koichi (or anyone else from the team): can u confirm that the “fast levels” changed?

If so, which ones are considered fast levels now?

Thanks :v:


Sorry rfindley! :bowing_man:t2:‍♂

We’re going to talk internally about how we can better notify developers in the future to big changes like this.