WaniKani Content Overhaul


I’ll get “the shake” and I’ll be… SHIIIIITTT (As in The Wire)


There are a few duplications in the list, by the way. Makes it look longer than it is :wink:

There may be more I missed.


Mongolia was one of the largest kingdoms this world has ever seen! But, it’s possible I’m more interested in Mongolia than the average person…

“Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World” is a really good book (not justifying yurt, just really loved this book, and it may or may not mention yurts occasionally).


Not to dig my own yurt grave, but that graph is a bit misleading :sweat_smile:

Still, didn’t people have to learn about the Mongols in elementary school? I think we spent more time on the Mongols than Native Americans here in America, which is kind of sad now that I think about it.


Necromancer’s pretty good actually - haven’t really thought through it or looked at any kanji myself to test that statement out, but on first glance it’s not bad. Something to consider later on at least, or if we add multiple mnemonic options to things (to be clear, not in development, just something I think would be nice to have)


My dad, strangely, has two yurts. Three if you count the one he burned down in an electrical fire :sweat_smile:


There may be two references on that page. So… uh… fire me up, I guess.


(not knowing anything about any of this) huh, that makes sense, especially when you consider how nomadic that whole area was a long, long time ago.



At the very least we can consider changing it to “just kidding” - but, if you can email it in to hello@wanikani.com please, that’ll get it into our consideration queue.


Ok thanks for the answer if you ever do it i’m up for a translation in french, i’m a pun-lover myself and i’d be glad to help


女子高生 Rowling :thinking:


Got it and went ahead and just changed it - let us know if you run into any more though. There’s probably more.


Level 60 is going to be pretty small, I think. Only kanji that use radicals in their current level and above (there is no above, of course). I think the mid-ish levels are probably going to have the most, re-learns to do, since they have a lot of kanji to go that could possibly use the new/changed radicals, and they’ve learned a lot of radicals.


I was waiting for the radical names renaming so badly. Thanks!


Doh! Script fixed, duplicates removed, and lists updated. Thanks for the catch!


Sorry about that - I can see how that’s frustrating.

I’m not sure where those 4 disappeared items come from… Things moved around, so it might be that some items went to higher levels. I think a radical or two disappeared, but I don’t remember off the top of my head. In any case, four missing items doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary to me. My guess is they moved up, so you’ll see them again in the future.


My personal opinion is “no, don’t reset” but I suppose you can do what you like. I think using the radical re-learning tool, and then dealing with the uncomfortableness of your current level is going to be a faster long-term plan for you though.


Yep! They should. As you level up, new radicals will move to urgent. After your current level, you should be able to stay ahead of the kanji if you assign radicals for re-education right after leveling up.


No problem :+1:


I think in the case of those two - since the radicals aren’t new / didn’t get changed, it won’t show the old mnemonic. The new mnemonic is being treated as just a regular content update (which we do quite often, though in smaller batches).