WaniKani Content Overhaul


There are many people whining about Hard Gay, for example. I can guarantee there wre some in this very thread without even having read it.


True, but creating something memorable doesn’t always compensate for the offence. (I’m speaking hypothetically; I think WK has tried to tip-toe up to the line without crossing it, and of course you can’t please everyone.)


Lots of posts in this thread, so I might’ve missed it, but it looks like many radicals have been added to my lessons. Was that an automatic thing? I’m guessing I’m stuck having to go through them all again? x’D


The ones added to your lesson queue are new. You’ll have to do them to unlock kanji at some point.


Oh, thanks for explaining :slight_smile:


I think you should be able to see them all via the new tool.

Found here :


Only shows the changed radicals you’ve seen. Not all.
Perhaps a level 60 could share their list?

Plus that would only show radicals who had their ‘meaning’ changed. Potentially some not changed, but with mnemonic change?


True. But per user, I’d think that’s all that’s relevant? If they haven’t seen the mnemonic before, then would they care that it’s changed? :thinking:


Curiosity. I’ll admit I’m a bit curious about all the before and afters, even though it doesn’t affect me.


These are all of the new radicals


Woa you’re so amazing.


Just wanted to let you know my experience after this overhaul. I have been using wanikani exclusively on the android app for the last 1 year, and was not following the forums so I was not anticipating this overhaul. I am level 29. Today when I signed in to do my lessons, I got really confused by the many changes, and I could no longer relate to the radicals after their nomenclature changed. I have spent almost a year getting used to all the radicals and mnemonics, and they have mostly changed now. I am thankful for the option you are giving that allows us to use the older mnemonics and radicals. One thing that confuses me though, is that yesterday my total list of learned items in wanikani was just above 4350, and when I logged into my app today after the overhaul, the number reduced to around 4346 or so. Does this overhaul actually remove some stuff from my list of learned items?


That’s fair - I guess my unofficial recommendation would be to:

  1. cheat and check the item info page (go through the mnemonic like it’s a lesson) if it’s a new item for you.
  2. use your knowledge of vocab using the kanji to figure out the answer if it’s an old kanji. Shouldn’t mark it wrong if you put in the other reading from what it’s asking for.

I know it’s a pain, but with all this the goal is just to get people to level 60 faster. I think it’ll be frustrating temporarily, but in the long term (we’re talking the next year) you’ll probably make up for time.


Amazing work. Since I’m still level 16, should I just reset to level 1 and relearn everything?


To be fair, the front page of WaniKani had a big banner alerting everyone. The mobile apps though, are unofficial. The alert not showing in them is no fault of WK.


Let me take you behind the curtain to when WaniKani was first made: Back then, I was making the content level by level, not able to think ahead too far. Although I was checking vocab lists and such, there were plenty of occasions where I picked kun’yomi for “the reading” and was okay with it. Then, 20 levels later, I realize (due to needing vocabulary for these later kanji) that maybe on’yomi may have been better. But, at that point there’s no way to change.

So, philosophy still applies (learn the most useful reading), but now we were able to make those decisions with a better view of everything.

That said, there are probably quite a few that are right on the line, at which point we still leaned on’yomi for consistency –– so for those, I’m sorry! :pray:t2:

Tested on readings you haven't been taught

That’s fair - I personally don’t see anything wrong with doing this, but let me talk to the other folks here so they can tell me why I’m wrong (or not, then we might do it).


Some kanji were moved around - what are the new ones? I can let you know. (actually, I think one kanji moved out of level 14 to a lower level, if I remember correctly).


Will the changed radicals from the non-urgent list move up to the urgent list as you get closer to the level they’re at? Or is the list static?


Sorry about that - that one should have made it on the whitelist (health). I’ve added it in there now, but 申し訳ございません for the inconvenience this time :bowing_man:t2:‍♂