WaniKani Content Overhaul


Maybe they could use “choo choo train” :joy:


Excellent points.

And a pejorative one at that (something city dwellers might use to refer to an unrefined person from a rural area). I much prefer that the names of radicals aren’t insulting per se.

And a yurt is just a particular type of thing. If you don’t know what it is, you can easily look it up and visualize it thereafter in a variety of situations.

Overall, I think this overhaul is a big step in the right direction. I’m still too far behind on reviews to worry about new radicals, etc. and how they will affect me personally. (Probably not much in the grand scheme of things!)


I agree that spirit is a little (a lot) vague, though I have no clear mental image of what a necromancer is either. I will continue to use pelican because it works for me.


Have some radicals been removed? I’m only on level 3 - but the “drawer” radical is gone (good call, btw) and the associated “mother” kanji is now made up of “drop” and “sun”.

Can we find a list of radicals whose mnemonics are now different because of this overhaul?


There are a few changes that I don’t appreciate.

i’m learning the kanji for Treasure right now and in the mnemnocs it says:
“Jk, the king has way more treasure than that.”

I appreciate the fact that you’re trying to make the pop references dissapear while still be appealing to the millenials, but I’ve never seen “jk” before in a mnemonic and I feel it belongs on Twitter and not on Wanikani


Mm, my objection is that it’s quite vague, and that there’s another radical which has been changed to ‘soul’ - definitely going to get those muddled up.

I totally agree that necromancer is a pretty niche word :grin: but they use it in the mnemonic to explain soul anyway, so I figure it’s at least not worse. I’ll probably also just continue to use pelican for that one, as I never had issues with it.


I agree with you, but please don’t just complain here. Send an email to hello@wanikani.com.


Idk. That mid air is the only reading mnemonic I remember when you asked. I haven’t unlocked many kanji that has the same “choo” sound. There should be many more kanji that uses “choo” reading, shouldn’t there? So yeah, Idk if it could be applicable to other homonym kanji. It worked for me, but Idk if it’s applicable to most Wanikanians here.

See?! It even took a while for me to construct English sentences in this post. Even this post, I’m not sure I’m grammatically correct though :sob:.


They’re definitely all chewbacca still. I’m sure it’s one they’d be open to alternative suggestions for though.


We’re complaining now that WaniKani uses lighthearted fun mnemonics?
Should WK be a dry, dull, boring textbook style tool? No fun, all serious.


That’s not my point, my point is “just kidding” and “jk” have the exact same meaning and one could bother an older person while the other one wouldn’t change anything to the actual sentence and be understandable to anybody.

Another point being some people who uses WaniKani aren’t native english speakers and abbreviations can be tough sometimes


Straw man argument. @moongaming never said WaniKani shouldn’t use fun lighthearted mnemonics. I agree about “Jk” because A) it’s a very niche (and rather new) abbreviation for “just kidding” that many people won’t understand without looking up – don’t forget there are many non native level English speakers here), and B) it’s not even capitalized correctly.


Anyone that’s not an anime casual knows JK means “High-School Girl” anyway.


@moongaming @Sezme ok. I thought we were complaining about the ‘seriousness’ of jk, not the abbreviation of it. Wasn’t really explained why it was inappropriate, so you can’t really fault me for interpreting wrong.


OK, that one I did have to look up (女子高生). Or it could be JK Rowling, who has more treasure than the king anyway.


Honestly, my English is pretty decent, but I still had to stop for a moment when I got to that one. I got it, but took me a moment longer than it should (I know JK, still failed to get it instantly =P )

I want them to keep the line, but wouldn’t hurt to write it out instead of the abbreviation =)


Thats where my mind went before I realised what it was :rofl:


Yeah, but I would rather not get animes about her :sweat:


I just sent them a mail about it Sezme, we’ll see how it goes.


Curious about “offensive mnemonics”. Any examples?

If anything, an offensive mnemonic would make the kanji even easier to remember.