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In fact, in french a “yurt” is a “yourte”, so it’s really easy for francophone people.


Nice update, thanks for your hard work!

And yeah, I learned what a yurt is when I was a kid from a fairytale, and I’m from Europe and not a native English speaker. The word is even similar in a bunch of languages.


Just popping in to say that I’ve chosen to re-learn them all, and so far everything looks great! I like the new radicals and am looking forward to seeing how the mnemonics have changed. Nice one WK! :+1:


I had yet to switch to the new V2 stats page, but V1 seems to be a bit off now so I went ahead and put my new V2 API key for the new and will use it from now on. “Projections” seems to result in 404, though. Is that the case for everyone (if so, please don’t worry about it now) or just for me?


You’re really overplaying the whole “yurts only exist in Mongolia, Siberia, and Turkey” thing.

Besides, hick is American English… so right there it’s beat. Yurt is not regional.


Yeah, if you were an English speaker in 1839, you might not know what a yurt was. That all changed a year later!




Yep… that part’s not done yet.


Thanks for the clarification and thank you, as always, for your excellent hard work!


To be honest, I expected to be much more confused, or just totally unable to use the new system because I thought they might have to have a hard split. Making a change to the system like this is huge.

I’m pretty sure that was referring to the tool for relearning radicals, but I could be wrong about that. I think she said you had two years to make up your mind, rather than two years to stick with the old system.

Kristen said this was because it’s easier to visualise (which I agree with - looks more like a scooter to me) and was supposed to more definitely imply ‘movement’, which is the ‘traditional’ meaning of that radical.

Hick is an informal and very North American-specific word, and they were trying to move away from that kind of thing. It’s also quite hard to work out what it means if you don’t know and have to look it up. A yurt is a yurt, regardless of the ‘type’ of English you speak.

In some ways I personally agree, but they have had reams of complaints over years from bazillions of users about things like not using the traditional meanings, using pop culture references, etc. So this is clearly a popular transition which will benefit a lot of people.

They also wanted to make it easier for people to learn the kanji once they’d learned the radicals, which is the whole point of course. They felt that these changes would make that easier (fewer times when you have to remember a new meaning for the same thing, for example).

It’s completely amazed me that so many people seem to think it’s a totally obscure word. It’s not the first thing I’d teach a foreign learner of English, sure, but it doesn’t seem that outlandish to me.


I was hoping you would get rid of mnemonics referencing Star Wars. Those never make much sense to me :confused:


Which ones still remain? :thinking: they got rid of tie fighter, right?

I want to try to convince them to change ‘spirit’ (formerly ‘pelican’ to ‘necromancer’ :wink: ). It’s in the new mnemonic anyway, so really it would just make it easier to remember! Plus a necromancer feels like it would make for good mnemonics. BRB got to write some new mnemonics to try to convince them…


i know what a yurt is, and i’m not even a native speaker. :wink:

i’ve enabled the “use old mnemonics” option, because i feel lazy, and i did learn the stuff with the old ones, but i’ve checked the list, too, and found most of the changes to be sensible. i’m pretty happy with what they did there and looking forward to moving forward.


Gotcha. I never said “hick” was the best choice either. And I’m not intentionally trying to overplay anything. The dictionary definition is literally the extent of my knowledge haha. I can tell you this, though. All this discussion about yurts will ensure that I never forget that radical again. :rofl:


We should make a yurt appreciation thread :thinking:


Chewbacca still remains.

From Mid Air Kanji New Reading Mnemonics


I was hoping they’d lighten up on Hitchhikers, but instead they put another dang 42 reference on the tool page. We get it @koichi, you like a book. Chill.


In Turkish, literally, we have a word ‘yurt’. It means like home or home country.
The English meaning is like the origin for that specific word i guess.


Please do that. I’ll be so happy to learn this new word.


Aaah, a reading one. I wonder what could be used instead. I guess just ‘chew’ might work :thinking:

Heehee, okay, I’ll look into making one this evening, unless somebody else beats me to it :wink:


I remember someone saying this “choo choo” to his son when I was in an MRT in Singapore :sweat_smile: