WaniKani Content Overhaul


Well they do appear in the radical lattice page

But they dont in the lessons tool… strange…


They’re not in the tool.
They should be directly in your lesson queue.


Oh, alright yes
since they’re new

Yes, you’re right


Where did you get “movement”?

As far as I remember the old scooter was water slide.


Quick question, if I do reset my radicals for relearning using the tool, will it prevent new kanji that needs that radical until I re-guru it?


It’s the actual real meaning of the radical! I didn’t specify, sorry.


I don’t follow. Can you give me a link to your reference please?

I’ve searched both jisho https://jisho.org/search/movement and wk. I can’t find movement is that scooter radical by itself.


My source is “A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters” written by Kenneth G. Henshall, it contains jouyou kanji and a series of tables in the end, one being a table of radicals and their meanings.

Edit: Sorry, it’s in the bottom right.


Ah, now I got it. Thanks for sharing that.


@mindfroggery @Oshin
That radical is usually considered to mean “road” or “walk” by the way.

(The image is the old Chinese version, you can go to the Japanese page to see the Japanese version)


Yeah a quick google search tells me it’s meant to imply movement type words:

Scooter is probably better than waterslide though in that it doesn’t arbitrarily add water to the mix.

I’m also not a huge fan of the “bad” radical change but overall I think they’re pretty good. When I see “yurt” I think of the ashlander yurts from morrowind and imagine the hick’s head as a rolled up fabric door that is open.


No, they are new radicals that everyone should have gotten.

They are separate from the radicals that got changed. They are new for everyone, regardless of your choice to use the new mnemonics or not.

I believe they will only be available for 2 years, if I understood Kristen correctly.


Well this sucks. I guess I can understand the move towards using more traditional radical names, but then why changes mentioned above like water slide —> scooter, hick —> yurt etc? And in any case it doesn’t seem to me like the name of the radical is that important, as long as it serves it’s purpose of making funny mnemonics that are easy to remember. Once you learn a couple of kanji using a certain radical you get the feel for what it means or should actually be called anyway.
Checking “Display old mnemonics” doesn’t change the names of the radicals displayed either, so you can’t really get around the whole re-learning thing.
I kind of whish I had just discovered Wanikani today and not 9 months ago… :thinking:


That one was like that before the overhaul; I learned it a couple days ago.


I’m not saying “hick” was the best choice, but… What the heck is a yurt? :fearful:


It looks like I got through it just in time then :laughing:

I love the update so far :heart: Great work!


You don’t have to have seen a yurt to know what a yurt is. It’s not as obscure as people are making it out to be.


R. I. P. boob grave (pun is not intended)


Nice update and nice unexpected Bowie too !

You should think about making a language localization too i’m french myself and a few of my friends would like to use WK but have zero experience with the english language.

EDIT: Rip Water Slide you will be missed greatly.


These are fixed now.