WaniKani Content Overhaul


Maybe there should be a “kanji relearning tool” too? I got two kanji with new readings today and it’s very confusing.


EDIT: It seems the Tsurukame developer has acknowledged the issues and is working on a fix.

See here — https://github.com/davidsansome/tsurukame/issues/74



that’s something i’d expect to see at lvl 4, not 40 or 20 :wink:
no wonder i thought it’s from some time way back.


This. The old “good” radical is now “root”.


did anyone here expect us to be this confused after the patch? :smiley:
kind of funny. but i still like the patch, was a good thing for WK.


Fun fact: 下 is a new radical, level 59.



go home @koichi, you’re drunk :sunny:


Kristen did the radical overhaul.


下 has been a lvl 59 radical before the overhaul, though.


I’m very happy about many of the changes, it’s good to see more radicals with their actual meanings instead of confusing ones or with pop culture references I never got (though ⻌ still being obscure “scooter” instead of “movement” and 歹 going from “bad” (yay! close enough) to Yakuza (why?) is still a bit eh).

I appreciate the fun mnemonics but I personally love to know the history behind radicals and kanji. I use an actual Kanji book to learn too which has actual origins and meanings in them so when I started WK and saw these horribly wrong radicals I was a bit disappointed (and got them wrong so many times because of this).

Thank you for your hard work, though, it is always good to see how well WK is maintained


I even forgot what a hick is and it’s an elightened item… and I’ve known the word yurt since childhood, different backgrounds


Oh, I guess you are right. My bad.
Well, level 59 would still be a fast level (for me) if it wasn’t for those meddling kids that radical.


I find myself unable to relinquish “fish stick”
Mainly because I enjoy translating 怪しい as “susfishous” :joy:


I still don’t get it fully, I did not get any new radicals, I still have 4 more to go. Instead i’m politely being asked if I want to relearn the changed radicals at the lessons tool page

What exactly is going to happen if I add all of them to my lessons queue?

Every radical unlocks again to be learned as part of the levels they put them in?
All urgent radicals appear on my current level, making it 3d10h longer?


They are forgotten and sent back to lessons.
Any kanji that require them will be locked until you guru them all, so yeah, it will probably make one level 3h10 longer.

It’s kinda strange that you didn’t get any of the 14 new radicals :thinking: They should be all below your level.


This happened with me as well, they were in my lesson queue, and I didn’t even open the tool.


Maybe the system unlocking the new items is not finished, yet?


Will we be able to use the old mnemonics indefinitely?


and their speaking dog


Stoked to relearn these radicals!