WaniKani Content Overhaul Announcement


Bon Voyage, my beloved Boob Grave.

I’ll thrust my way to the exit door… sei! sei! sei! :cry:


I guess I’ll just have to make up for it by making my personal mnemonics that much more messed up. Turns out bodyhorror is my memorykink(?)


Does this mean that the “poop” radical will be going away? :poop:

Because I might just quit if it does.


Your precious poop is fine, Captain.


I mean… until the update tomorrow I don’t think we really know what will have changed and what won’t. There’s a difference between mnemonics involving the KKK, and mnemonics that are bizarre / visceral / etc. I’m hoping we’ll still be getting plenty of highly memorable mnemonics that just… you know, don’t involve the KKK.

I feel kind of sad to lose old Charlie, but I can’t say he was exactly the most effective mnemonic component for me anyway.

Oh good. I don’t object to it at all but I could never remember it.

Kristen we don’t deserve you.

:star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


This is cool!

Also, not super relevant to this post but I don’t want to make a whole seperate thread about it.
I wanted to mention that it would be really great if there could be an update in the future that has a wanikani SFW mode. I used to do my reviews and lessons in my free time at work, but now it’s a little awkward when NSFW words appear on the screen when Japanese coworkers walk by…

Just a hopeful suggestion!


Totally agree - I’ve definitely wondered if any of my coworkers have seen 金玉 pop up in on my screen…

Could also be an interesting userscript, if it doesn’t already exist


Also, has “mustache” been changed? I honestly never thought it looked like a mustache, and have been using “goatee” instead.


Some prep work already going on? Seems my userstyle broke for radicals in reviews.
Went through too fast though, so didn’t F12 to see whats different. New class attached to radicals for some reason?


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No. They’re listening to the majority of people, who find certain mnemonics rude.
(plus, theyre re-working them to make more sense and be more memorable.)


Do you know how to spell sea amnemone - sea amanmnonie… seam mnemnamnemnie?

If you do, then all you have to remmemnber is that they’re spelled differently! Easy!


I don’t think I’ve seen a majority of people take offense to any one mnemonic

Spelling spoiler, but contains a menomenie eating a bird



From what i’ve seen on the few “x mnemonic is offensive” threads I’ve perused, most either find it extreme (whether taking offense or just finding it distasteful) or understand how it could be unpleasant for others, though not finding it bad themselves.
(I always forget to add something that i planned on doing .-.) either way, I think saying they’re “capitulating to SJWs” is way too extreme. As stated, Hard Gay isn’t being changed, and I can’t imagine many SJWs would find him innocent.


I was expecting a Rick roll.


Here is the real video



I pray that Margaret Cho never wants to learn kanji.


Never Forget Mnemonic by Rick Anemone


Serious question, how will APIv2 handle these changes? Will it return different data for different people, even for the endpoints that are usually not user specific?