WaniKani Content Overhaul Announcement


I really don’t see how they could manage this. Are there any words with the appropriate sounds that would be said the same way by people with US, Australian, British accents?


I just hope KKK is removed. :sweat: I assume that’s one of the questionables?


Is Charlie Sheen ok? tell me he is fine…


Oh pleeeeeeeze don’t break my wanikani…


So the one update I would love to see is a cram mode where I can do lots and lots of reviews outside of the SRS tool. I know I could just use Anki or another tool, but I am lazier than ぐでたま and it would be so much easier to just live in the wanikaniverse.

I can see this being only available for stuff that is guru and less, though.


I’m so excited for this! Since I’ve basically just started a couple of months ago I think this is the perfect time (for me) to deal with such huge changes to the bases of WK…

Honestly, I’ve been struggling the last couple of levels (5 and 6) with some really weird mnemonics that have not really worked for me AT ALL so you can imagine I’m beyond relieved to hear a revamp this huge is coming up! :v:


And the cloth 布 of our descendants 昆
is KELP ! Kelp should be the first native answer!


i’ve gotten up to mid 30s before and then hiatus after hiatus made me forget more and more and now i dropped to 20, but maybe with this update i should just yolo rollo back to level 1 since i basically forgot tons of my burns anyways…


@Kristen I agree that Hard Gay should go. He’s literally making fun of gay culture and is offensive to a lot of people. Someone from a majority group parodying and making fun of an oppressed minority is always problematic. It’s why we look down on blackface or offensive asian stereotypes with buck teeth and slanty eyes. Unfortunately it’s still culturally acceptable to look down on, legislate against, and make fun of LGBT folks.

There are a number of other せい suggestions above, I personally like sabertooth tiger, and it is actually a better mnemonic than teaching people who might not know him about an offensive stereotype, and then having to learn enough about him to know he has a catchphrase. That is grasping at straws anyway. I have recommended to many LGBT folks that they NOT use WK because of this mnemonic and other similar ones.

Does “Sabertooth tiger” work for all words? I don’t know, and it probably can’t be a direct drop in for all of the words that use Hard Gay, so there will have to be some bit that is reworked. but it’s better than alienating an entire minority group.


Hopefully the update has fixed all of these, they should be consistent from tomorrow on.

All reading and meaning mnemonics should be one continuous story.

Many of the changes we made were thanks to emails from users over the last 4 years.

Only if you want them.

Ah, but I loved university.

Not this time, friend.

Your current level should stay as normal/as it is when the update happens. Any kanji you have unlocked will stay that way.

I shaved the mullet radical myself.

A few. Hopefully (other than a couple weird ones) no kanji should have more than four radicals.

Boob grave is in the boob grave.

She’s only become stronger.

Nope, resetting won’t affect answering with old radical names. Even new users/accounts will be able to answer with them, if they figure out what they used to be.

December 5th at 10:30 am PST (there’s a banner on your dashboard with this info too, in case you forget).

That’s a different timeline.

We tried to stick with really general words that people from all over would know, but since we all speak American English, and aren’t familiar with other accents as well, it would be really hard to find a compromise for every mnemonic. Hopefully they’re better overall, but American English accent is what they’re all based on.

I’d take a look at the radicals our tool recommends you relearn tomorrow, but I’d say there’s no need to reset unless you really want to.

Yuuuup. The less people need to think about them, the better.

Gulp. Well… you’ll see tomorrow, I guess.


NOOOO!!! I could really see him every time… as Two Faces, or as a Samurai… or kidnapping kids (is that an actual mnemonic?)


All of them? So doing WaniKani from beginning to end will result in you reading one grand epic novel? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, please!! If I identified as LGBT, I would be offended that you thought I had such thin skin.


If you are not, then you probably shouldn’t be talking for us.


You are correct in that I cannot talk for you. However, based on my own experience with a close friend, my assumption is that most are fairly confident in their own skin and widely accepted by anyone with half a brain as who they are. Be strong and exude confidence! Whining about a silly character won’t gain anyone’s respect.


Just to not derail the topic, I don’t think this is the place for this, guys.


We are exuding confidence by standing up for ourselves in the eyes of society, at this very moment. It’s exactly attitudes like “whining about a silly character” that diminish our struggle for representation in media - by actual LGBT people, not by straight people appropriating and parodying our culture. It’s a very real problem and if you want to see us be more confident, you can help by listening instead of blowing us off.


Thanks for your response. No need to drag this out anymore.


Aw, the mnemonics in questionable taste were among the few I could actually remember without trouble – precisely because they were questionable. This change will most likely make mnemonics harder for me to remember, although I do of course understand the desire to gentrify the mnemonics to be as universally non-disquieting as possible.


crashes through the wall
WHAT?!?!?!?! (┛✧Д✧))┛彡┻━┻
shakes the nearest person