WaniKani Content Overhaul Announcement


First a WK update, and then two days later, the release of Smash Ultimate. I feel blessed this December. Too bad I have a test on the eighth :frowning:


People who are not offended never bothered to start a thread about offensive mnemonics, neither do they reply to any of them.


They do reply to the threads, though. Mainly the ones who say everyone’s being offended, etc. etc.


Instead of framing this conversation as “is it wrong to not want to concede against people who take the slightest offense even if we don’t understand why”, maybe we should be asking ourselves, “how can we expand our community atmosphere to be welcoming and inclusive to people of as many different backgrounds and life experiences as possible”. Just a thought.


Is there really gonna be no more 42? I loved that Hitchhiker’s reference!


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Okay, count all the people who started or replied to a thread, and then compare that number to the number of people who never posted there, or even posted anywhere here.


Nope. The API will return the new subject content (including composition), using all the mechanisms we’ve put in place to show what’s new and what’s hidden and all that goodness. Old mnemonics are only going to be available on the site to help make the transition easier for everyone.


In other words, how to make yourself sound terrible and not contribute something useful in the same post.


Mnemonics aren’t available via any of the API versions anyway, are they…?


Well, excuse me for being salty against the possibility of content being taken out because it could offend someone.

But then again, maybe I just got paranoid after reading some of the responses here, all we can do is wait and see.


Hard Gay is worthy of being removed for pop culture status alone. Go ahead and fill your notes with offensive mnemonics if you want, no one will stop you.


Yes, that was exactly the point I was making, thank you for your insightful comment


Remember that the old mnemonics will still be accessible to us, so no content at all is actually being taken away from you anyway.

I do also disagree with the idea of trying to remove all possible offensive things, but that’s just because offensive things can easily be memorable and thus be useful mnemonics. As long as the replacements are also easily memorable, no harm has been done by replacing things.


Using SJW that way makes it clear what your stance is. The implication that any removal of offensive content is irrational and unjustified is baked in.


Yeah, you got all that from my use of SJW, and I got all that from the OP. The fact that you got that much from that is irrational


That’s enough of that.

I don’t want to see another debate about SJW this PC that. Take a walk and let it go.

We’re making the content better by removing as many obscure references as we can and trying to generalize for all of our non-American friends.


Muchas gracias, amigos


Now that sounds great, as someone from Mexico, I have to admit that some of the references went over my head the first time, and I had to make some google search to understand them. Maybe also update some of the oldest popup references, considering how old some of them are


That’s basically what we tried to do. There will still be some, of course, but the hope is there are less “wait… what’s a mullet?” outside googling required.

Edit: I’m also open to changing more things after this. And for what it’s worth, if I can make someone’s day a little better by changing an old, crappy mnemonic, whether that’s because it hurts/offends/bothers them (which is 100% a legitimate complaint) or whether people don’t know who Sauron is (depressing, but I understand), I’ll do it.