WaniKani Content Overhaul Announcement


I was planning on resetting back a few levels as I’ve been ignoring wanikani recently, would doing that impact the accepted answers?



That is exactly the mnemonic I’m always using for せい . Michael Jackson singing say, say, saaaay while wearing a fancy blue, glittery suit.




I’m gonna go ahead and make my first post to celebrate this, despite having lurked here for ages. I’ve been considering my own mnemonics for a lot of the kanji / vocab I’ve been learning recently but I’m super excited to check out what WaniKani have in store! :smile: Honestly the old ones felt like they started dropping in quality post level 8 or so. :thinking:

\hype! :heart_eyes:


Hey, I’m kind of new here. By any chance is there an estimated time on when this overhaul will take place?


Tomorrow, about 11:00 AM PST.


It’s time to shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!


Will the new context sentences for levels 21+ be coming out with this? Or is that on a different timeline?


Considering I made this account yesterday, I was just in time to be one of the select few able to see both the old and new stuff?! Considering I will have just started on my first batch of kanji then… :smile:


I am excite.
Thank you all for doing a great job.


Well that sounds dangerous :smile:


In reviewing the mnemonics, has any attempt been made to reduce the dependence on a particular (East Coast?) U.S. accent, as mentioned in various other threads? I’m getting used to hearing this accent in my head to help with the association, but it does sometimes grate with my (English Midlands) ear. Sometimes though, I just have to substitute my own mnemonic – such as for 考. To me “conga” can’t be read any way other than “こんが”. But on the other hand, “kanga-roo”…


Thank you to Kristen and to all the other Wanikanian staff for this update. I already tinker with the old mnemonics so it will be fun to have new ones to play around with. Bring it on!



Seeing as changes are being made… maybe we can finally gets some justice for big bird.

Since being tricked into building a KFC, he has been detained indefinitely with no trial.


I don’t remember this one. :thinking: What’s it for?

It’s a hair style. Short in the front, long in the back.

Me too. :<


One day too late. This morning I was exposed to “nendroids” … which turned out not to be as bad as it sounds, but still something I never knew existed.

For my part, I have found that more and more kanji at the later levels just pull their pronunciation from radicals that I know the pronunciation for by that point. It wasn’t until learning 帝 (てい) as a kanji that I finally stopped muddling たい (帯) vs. てい when they appear in a kanji.


I’m just at level three. Would it be recommended to start again? I guess probably right?


A moment of silence for our soon to be Thanos’d radical names and mnemonics.


I wouldn’t think so.


@koichi, I don’t feel so good…