WaniKani Content Overhaul Announcement


Overall, I’m excited for this.

I just hope Mrs. Chou hasn’t left us. So far, I haven’t forgotten a single one of her kanji.


Yeah, what’s with her throwing nails on the street and killing long birds and stuff.


I can’t wait to see the new updates! I am tempted to reset to the beginning again!

I have to admit to being a secret silent skeptic. I thought that the mnemonics and such would never be totally revamped. :wink:

Nobody have better messed with my friend Mrs Chou! :slight_smile:


Surely Mrs Chou is safe?! Imagine what she will do if she is removed!

I’m hoping that as she’s not a pop-culture reference or anything she will remain.


I think that Mrs. Chou would make a good anime character. Once our anime became super-popular, she would be a pop-culture reference. Then, she will get the axe in the 2025 update. :frowning:


Chester is a somewhat old-fashioned male given name. Also, the bottom half looks like a muscly male chest, so there’s that too…


I have no idea what a Mullet is, and now I worry I will never find out. I picture it as a medieval sort of a helmet with a spike on top. (“You put that wide mullet on, and everyone calls you a ひろ”, lovely)

Anyway, exiting news!


Are you planning to reset to level 1?


For Kai I usually think about him.


Oh thank the Crabrigator! Orz
(At my current pace, I’d be at the final apprentice -> Guru transition check on my radicals, the hour after this change takes place.)


I liked the mnemonics of questionable taste :frowning:


Not complaining. Yet.



No please keep Hard Gay alive in here, he makes of interesting and cool stories.


The only thing that comes to mind is a sei whale, but I guess it could be confused with the narwhal ones?


Come up with another mnemonic to kill off Hard Gay?.. sei it isn’t so!


I don’t think a lot of people know that particular species, I certainly didn’t. Some people even had trouble with Narwhal, not knowing what it was. Also it can be pronouned /ˈseɪ/ or /ˈsaɪ/ according to Wikipedia, so it’s kinda unclear.

A question: You already mentioned radicals will have “hidden meanings”. Will it also accept the old readings for kanji, or will it just wiggle and expect us to enter the onyomi?


I’ve been really looking forward to learning the mnemonic for percent. Hope that isn’t going.


Lol. That one is amazing.


Mine is something to do with who is and isn’t allowed to wear jeans…


Oh my gosh! Everyone! Did you hear of the fantastic news!?

Oh and almost forgot since I’m so early this time…