WaniKani Content Overhaul Announcement


An unrelated request (don’t want to make a thread)

In instances where the radical is the same as the kanji, can there be an easy link to the kanji?


The mnemonics I’m most looking forward to being changed (assuming they are) are “Reese’s pieces” and “Tater Tots”. These are products basically nonexistant in Europe, so I really don’t associate anything with those. Also I hope “a key” for えき is gone, that was just too easy to confuse with “key”.

Sad about Sauron being gone though. :frowning: On the other hand who cares, since I will still see the old radicals/mnemonics anyway.


I use “ecchi” for えき, even if it sounds different it does the job and is pretty memorable.


You don’t have tater tots? :scream:
I’m so sorry. :weary:


I’m feeling some weird anxiety/excitement. The thought of having to forget and relearn things that are etched into my soul makes me uneasy. How could I part with the ol’ mullet? What about my spritual bond with tator tots and Charlie Sheen? And who could forget about the shenanigans of the Klu Klux Klan? (also they owe me $200, wanted to buy 40 gallons of gasoline for some reason they won’t tell me).

All I can do is wish them all peace in the afterlife, and hope their families have life insurance.

Goodbye my cherished friends, you taught me kanji when nobody else could.


We have stuff like Rösti and Potato Croquettes instead. No shortage of delicious potato dishes, though Tater Tots do also look quite nice. :wink:


For some reason I’ve always though of Pop Tarts in the Tater Tot mnemonics, cause I don’t have either and thought of the wrong one first time so it just stuck with me :rofl:
It’s the completely wrong word, but the image has been associated with that word for me now =P


Which is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so tasty :drooling_face:


Recently, I tend to rely less on the phonetic mnemonics given and use Japanese words instead.

For instance, I will think of 駅 (えき) Station whenever I learn a reading using えき, this tends to work better for me because the readings will always be the same. There’s no confusion between A Key meaning えき or き



I’m also mostly using 駅 since that’s the first word I think of when I hear the reading. I do sometimes struggle to come up with good mnemonics for that though, we’ll see what WK will offer after the change.


This is the ultimate way of making mnemonics imo. Sure, it would imply the users knowing the vocab already, but if they’re words from previous levels, it’s a win-win. I can see people memorizing a mnemonic connected with ばか way easier than they would with idiot.

I don’t see this concept being reproducible in all mnemonics, but it would definitely work in quite a lot.


Yes, it only really becomes useful as you learn vocabulary.

There are many, many charachters with a reading of しょ or しょう where my intuition would be make a mnemonic based on the word ‘Show’, the problem is it’s very easy to convert it one way しょ or しょう > ‘Show’ but not see easy to know what ‘Show’ should be as there are two options.

After a while you learn to recognise the phonetic component (whenever it exists) so you don’t really need to rely on this method.


This is actually great to hear! At some point I just completely neglect the mnemonics cause they are too hard to remember or the wording is weird => makes me feel a bit demotivated and this has been my main criticism of wani whenever I talk about the cons of the app. Some radicals or kanjis which have already been taught appear in the new Kanjis but the mnemonics just use a completely different stories, neglecting the learned part. Hope that the new content would be more appealing.


We don’t… and we are glad for it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow huh, looks like I joined at the right time!


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Please see Kristen’s post above:


Rösti are so yummy :yum:!!!


UPDATE: If you reset your account back to level 1 you will no longer be able to access the old mnemonics in your settings!!

I just learned this from the devs, and it will be in the main thread we post in a bit, as well as on the reset page, but if you reset to level 1 the old mnemonics toggle will go away.


Does that mean resetting to level 1 changes your official join date?