WaniKani Content Overhaul Announcement


Should that be the case though? There are plenty of people who reach a high level and just want to start over without necessarily learning new mnemonics or names for radicals. Seems inconvenient.


Reset to level 2? Rumor has it starting from level 1 is too slow anyway.


when u come back to the forums and you’re too wtf’d with the reply you got :rofl:


Charlie Sheen will forever be 僕のお姉さん。:weary:



Does it happen now ? I was in the middle of reviews :sweat_smile:


Mhmm, from half past :grin:


It’s coming!!! =D
So curious what Mullet and Boob Grave has become :wink:


Oh noo, the crabigator is finally offline :scream: i still had reciews to do

Well, time to do my anki stuff, then


But if we go to any other level, including 2, we are safe? There is no risk in reseting as long as we avoid 1?



It’d be back in 15-30 min right? Very excited


Ooooh, I have a (non-urgent) question actually. @Kristen, do you still want to hear about e.g. typos and things in the old material, or are you basically drawing a line under it?

cos like I have a few from the 30s I forgot to send in…



is back! yes?

Edit: YES! no more mullets!!!


I’m getting stuff in upcoming radicals, because the few kanji I still have left don’t need those xD
(in the tool)


Oh i’m getting new radicals for a level where I already finished them. Nice.




New thread is up: WaniKani Content Overhaul


Nothing looks different to me D: the radicals have new names, but the dashboard looks the same.