WaniKani Content Overhaul Announcement

Maybe I should’ve joined tomorrow…

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You need to come to to Straya, the mullet is alive an well here, check the sports utes as they go by.

I’m going to relearn all the radicals. Shoudn’t be a problem with my low level :slight_smile: But still, i hope my head won’t explode…

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I may relearn the radicals too. It could be very useful if the names are indeed closer to the traditional names. Especially the latest ones I learned to make sure I still get the most effective mnemonics lol

anyway, i look forward to seeing the big changes today!!

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Noooooooooo! Not Mullet!


“What does he say? What does he say? What does he せい?” Problem solved.
(Joking joking)

It’s fine, I think what made it stick to my mind was taking WK’s advice and watching a Hard Gay video on Youtube. I can’t take that off my mind so it’s always せいせいせい whenever I think about Hard Gay.

I haven’t met Hard Gay yet, but reading this, I’m happy he/she/it isn’t gone.

Sounds like a great update. I’ll be up to the challenge and switch right away - although I have a massive 26 guru radicals already! :joy:


I never knew what a Narwhal was either. I actually assumed it must have been a typo and it was meant to be spelled narwhale. Not being a whale expert, I still have no idea what kind of whale it is, or what it looks like, it’s certainly not one of the common ones.

Also, add me to the list of people who would like Hard Gay to be removed.

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There you go :slight_smile:

I still surprises me that people haven’t heard of them, even if they don’t know the name. I mean… they’re freaking unicorns!!

(I mean, given the comments here it’s obviously totally common for people not to know, but… unicorns!)


Just went from lvl 1 to lvl 2 this morning:

You have 42 new lessons…


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I agree as well… however, I’ve got a pile of Kanji that are really having trouble sticking well. I’m curious about reviewing the new radicals, even though I’ve got every single existing radical burned. Personally, I don’t use the mnemonics much at this point, and don’t remember very much from years ago. However, I think if there were better radicals and more memorable mnemonics, maybe it could help push me over the edge of mastery.

The ones I have the most trouble with are cases where two radicals combined to become a single radical. The existing system has some oddities to it that maybe are cleaned up to an extent. I’m curious to have a look.

It might be worth a separate discussion thread.


Eek … the update is coming :scream: It’ll be here when I get home from school

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No! Don’t understand that! Sauron is looking at some clams to buy! Let Sauron buy his clams!


I’ll be happy to see all the Lord of the Rings references go. :man_shrugging:


You monster


Yay! I’ve heard about this update basically since I joined early last year, guess it had just started :rofl:

Really looking forward to see the new ones!! And I LOVE how we who have used the old system can always see the old ones, so if I fail an old item and get confused by the new one I can check the old and see if I remember it =P

And new items, there will be TWO mnemonics for all the changed items!!! <3
So I can check both and see which one works best for me, I can keep my pop culture references forever! <3

And maybe by the time I reach lvl 60 and burn most of it, the new items will be added :wink:
Make what we have great first, add new items later (whenever that will be); that is a good plan =^_^=


An unrelated request (don’t want to make a thread)

In instances where the radical is the same as the kanji, can there be an easy link to the kanji?


The mnemonics I’m most looking forward to being changed (assuming they are) are “Reese’s pieces” and “Tater Tots”. These are products basically nonexistant in Europe, so I really don’t associate anything with those. Also I hope “a key” for えき is gone, that was just too easy to confuse with “key”.

Sad about Sauron being gone though. :frowning: On the other hand who cares, since I will still see the old radicals/mnemonics anyway.