WaniKani Content Overhaul Announcement


Yay!! me too


So is mullet actually not a commonly known word, or is it just a matter of the people who aren’t native English speakers? Just curious, because there have been a handful of kanji/vocab translations I’ve seen that seemed like pretty uncommon words, but I never thought twice about “mullet” being used as a radical.


I’m aware and appreciate that, but it’s not universal.


Apparently mullets and rat tails aren’t as popular with the kids these days as they were in the late 80s-early 90s.


In my case, is that they are not exactly words that you study or learn by traditional means, because they don’t come too often, so we don’t learn them, so we have to learn the english word, and then connect it with the japanese lessons.

Another one that I remember that was kind of hard was “Narwhal”, I was wondering, “what the heck is that?”


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Yeah any difficulties had by foreign learners of English don’t surprise me, we natives know way too many damn words. I was just wondering (/ a little surprised) if “mullet” was also a difficult item for some of the native English speakers as well

After seeing this, I had to go back and look up what the “narwhal” radical even was because I completely didn’t remember learning a radical with that name… :laughing:
Narwhals are awesome though, they’re the unicorn of the sea!


Oh sure, tell me this AFTER I got my haircut today…

More to the point, Looking forward to the new content!

I’m just getting acquainted with the Tofugu podcasts, but given this update, I wonder what the next WK advert will be like…:thinking:


鳥 and 長 in specific. :smile:


Thank you very much for your hard work and for keeping this tool alive an kicking! Very much looking forward to the update.


I just found and registered at WaniKani a few days ago and wanted to start tomorrow. Do I have to complete one lesson before the update to be able to toggle in between the new and old radicals or is that due to registration date @Kristen ?

Thanks in advance.


No way in hell I’m resetting back to level 1.

What does “a bunch of new radicals” mean? Are there new radicals being added that I simply won’t know now because I don’t want to reset to one?

It took me years to get level 60. I can’t imagine resetting to level one.


Maybe you missed this:

All of the old mnemonics using the old radicals will still be available as long as your account exists before Rebirth Day. Though we hope you choose to join us and step out of the past.


No I saw that. But this still means if we want to see new ones we will have to reset.

If I don’t reset, I’ll literally be “remaining in the past” as the blog states, by not “stepping in the future” (resetting)

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Nice, except for that PM-thingy in the announcement.
Do people still use those things around the world? UTC is supposed to be 24 hours a day isn’t it?:sunglasses:
(Well some days actually have been 24h +1s, with the timestamp 23:59:60, but not too often. But the systems in an entire new-built hospital crashed last time.)
Well at 19:30 (my) local time i will hopefully remember to stay out for a while.
And I still don’t remember those radicals at burn time so new names won’t make much difference.:grin:

Thank you for your work.


Hah I find it’s the exact opposite. I can’t make any meaningful connection in my brain between Hard Gay and “sei”. Even as I struggle to reach for the reading I think to myself “okay so hard gay is standing on a map of the world and he says… what does he say? What does he say?” And then I type かい or something.


I really don’t think you will.

I think you will be shown all the new radicals and asked which, if any, you would like to learn. You will be able to see all new mnemonics regardless of what you do.

Yeah, I’m a native speaker and I know the word mullet, but I mostly know it as “some weird hairstyle from the 70s/80s” and always used to forget what it actually looked like. So I think this one plays into your generation, fashion knowledge, appreciation of 80s culture…


The radicals are there to help you remember the kanji. When you know them already why would you reset? I don’t even get what the problem is :slight_smile:


human brain easily forgets information not readily used constantly.

Has already happened with many kanji not being used daily.

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