WaniKani Content Additions: Ongoing from April 29, 2021

I love this example sentence because they were in the same lesson pile for me.


Thanks Jenny :high_touch:

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Are there an overview for items that get partly changed? I am pretty sure WaniKani / Kanji / 乃 got changed from ない to の. I understand that when you (finally) added a vocabulary for the word, it was different than what was first intended, but is it possible to get an overview or notification when stuff like this happens? I have a feeling that many items has been slightly changed in their meaning, but it is difficult to know when it is changed or when I just remember wrong.

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Hi @TobyOne! You can find a list of all smaller content updates in our weekly Friday posts here :blush:


Just realised after all the planned updates, we will be at 8999 items :fist::pensive:
Still not

I would suggest adding こういち’s name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe 梅雨, would be a good addition.
Pretty common word, but pretty uncommon reading.


Saw it in my tobira reading yesterday even :sweat_smile:

  • Level 13: 天王星 (てんのうせい) - Uranus
    “Knowledge of Greek mythology will definitely help you here, because the English name is a reference to the Greek god of the skies”

タ イ ク ツ!

You can have this one for free…
I heard Uranus is so big that they call it the HEAVENLY KING in Japan. ::Nelson laugh:: Ha-ha!


So question, if a kanji gets moved to another level, in this case 又, far above my current level, does it just disappear from my reviews? In this case it doesn’t matter since I’ve already burned it, but just wanted to know out of curiousity.

It disappears from reviews until you reach the level it’s been moved to, and then it reappears in your reviews at the same SRS interval it had been at before if I remember correctly :grin:

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It gets put into the world’s longest personal vacation mode


Ooooh, so my endless resetting and delaying is just me trying to set a new record? :stuck_out_tongue:

Did not know they waited until the level though, always assumed you could just keep on reviewing them, they just wouldn’t be added to the lessons. That’s definitely going to mess with my head someday in the future ^^

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正義 has romaji Tofugu @Mods

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I noticed that on level 13 you have creeper as a radical, and then in that same level you have scarecrow, which is “a creeper in a field”. Not sure if it’s a good idea, to have them be on the exact same level. I actually did need to take a second to break up scarecrow into radicals in a later session.

Thanks @DIO-Berry and @Gorbit99! We’ll look at those as part of this week’s updates.


Hi Jenny, perhaps it’s just me, but Kyoko’s audio recording of WaniKani / Vocabulary / 融資 sounds more like ゆっし than ゆうし. Kenichi’s audio is okay.


I’ve noticed something similar with 蒸れる where the female sample sounds more like ぬれる


We’ll investigate those audio files! Please just bear in mind that ordering and uploading audio is a long process. :bowing_woman:t3:


聖日 (holy day) has already gone. One more burned item that just disappeared …

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This week’s additions and other changes should be trickling through:

Vocabulary Added

  • Level 9: 出身 (しゅっしん) - one’s origin
  • Level 47: 砂利 (じゃり) - gravel
  • Level 53: 諒一郎 (りょういちろう) - Ryoichiro
  • Level 53: 莉子 (りこ) - Riko
  • Level 53: 駿馬 (しゅんめ, しゅんば) - fast horse
  • Level 54: 茜色 (あかねいろ) - crimson

Vocabulary Moved

  • Level 18: 公告 (こうこく) - moved up to level 50

Vocabulary Hidden

  • Level 34: 聖日 (せいじつ) - this word is obscure, and we have enough other words to practice these readings ofand 日.
  • Level 36: 超音速 (ちょうおんそく) - this word is obscure, and we have enough other words to practice these readings of 超, 音, and 速.

And the original post now includes a provisional list for the next few weeks.