WaniKani Content Additions: Ongoing from April 29, 2021

I just had a couple of issues with my last review session. When i input “stocks” for (かぶ) my answer was accepted, but then I was made to retype it a couple of times until I wrote just “stock.” Is this part of the update? I don’t recall it happening before and I haven’t installed any new scripts.

Also, when I saw the vocab for (くすり), I accidently answered やく and was marked wrong, as I should be. However when it came back up again later (many items in between) and I correctly wrote くすり this time, it marked it as burned this time. It shouldn’t have been though. Could this be a new feature acting up?

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Waiting for パリピ to be added as vocab. Best thing I learned while abroad :sob:

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Hi @DIO-Strawberry,

Thanks for pointing these out! The first issue you described should now be fixed.

I don’t think we’ve come across the second issue before. I wonder if it could be a previously-installed script interacting with the recent extension of the shake animation for single-kanji vocab.

Is DIO-Strawberry also your WaniKani username? We’ll check what was logged as your progress in the database.


Thank you!

That’s possible

I changed it via WaniKani because I wasn’t sure how to change my Discourse name otherwise. It was CDR-Strawberry before last week.

The database shows that 薬 was marked as correct for you, so that’s why it was burned. The expected behavior since the update, though, is that if you type やく for 薬 you should get a shake and a message like this:

So the engineering team is going to look into why it showed up as incorrect in the UI rather than giving you the shake + message. Thanks again for pointing this out!


I’m glad I could help! :slight_smile:

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This should now be fixed :smiley:





thank you @TofuguJenny !

I’m excited for the transitivity pairs to bring me fun, new leeches. :durtle_love:


I love the idea of including more ! Thank you!

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It’s rolling… 5 locked items, 7 locked items, 8 locked items! Now to wait for the unlock…


The next batch should start trickling through anytime from now! Hopefully quicker than last week :crossed_fingers:t2:

  • Level 3: 外す(はずす)- to disconnect something
  • Level 3: 広げる(ひろげる)- to spread something
  • Level 8: 点く(つく)- to be lit
  • Level 11: 転がす(ころがす)- to roll something
  • Level 11: 欠く(かく)- to lack something
  • Level 11: 進める(すすめる)- to advance something
  • Level 12: 苦しめる(くるしめる)- to hurt
  • Level 12: 終える(おえる)- to finish something

For me at least I can confirm that they’re unlocking way faster. After 40 mins I’m at 7/8, while last week it took 3 hours to get to 5/6.


I’m only at 3/8 think

edit: 8/8


I’ve gotten all eight come through just fine now :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, but I found a mistake in one of the context sentences for 終える:


王女 is princess, not queen - queen is 女王 :sweat_smile:


Heh, I really thought I learned 外す and 終える from here :sweat_smile: , oh well.
Some quick feedback: 外す - I don’t know in which order the vocab is taught, but it may be worth mentioning that the reading is taught with 外れる as well.
Also I’m not sure how I feel about using “something” for the transitive verbs every time, maybe it helps making sure one remembers that these are the transitive versions, but it was a bit annoying in the lessons now.
I like how comprehensive the meaning descriptions are!


Well spotted! Thank you. It should be fixed now :princess:t4:

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外す actually comes first :slight_smile:

I know what you mean about “something”! I’ll talk to the team about the possibility of adding a version of the translations without “something” to the allow list, or maybe a warning, if that continues to be annoying.

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