WaniKani Content Additions: Ongoing from April 29, 2021

There’s two things I’d be super interested to find out:

  • How common is it to reset after a break
  • How many people have reached level 60 and decided to go a 2nd time

Yeah, as someone who has tried both resetting after a break and not resetting after a break, I’d be interested to see it too :sweat_smile:

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I may be in the minority here, but where’s the “opt out” button?

I’m sorry, opt out of what? Of new items? Or of stats being gathered?

Probably should have been more specific. I’m already on the extra slow track to nowhere. And maybe I’m extra grumpy today because of other things, so take what I say here in that light. but on my slow weeks I’ll do maybe 10 lessons the entire week. I just finished 4 weeks of just trying to consolidate a bunch of Master items I had forgotten, and have been struggling lately, and I had just got to the point where I was going to do a lesson for the first level 18 kanji and I have a bunch of new vocabulary that I did not expect.

It messes up my planning and pacing and now I have weeks worth of new words. Really, I appreciate that WK wants to improve their service, but I don’t want these new words at present. Where do I opt out without opting completely out? I still think WK is the best thing since forever for learning kanji so please don’t take my grump wrong.

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I didn’t report your posts, but they were probably flagged because you didn’t keep the language PG13 on the forums please. If you have any questions about forum rules, please refer to this post:

The word you mentioned is definitely not PG13.


Well, I’m a few hours behind (not that I could do anything about it really) but let’s go!

I was confused for a sec when I noticed one item would come 2h earlier than the rest, then I realized it was from level 1 and thus accelerated…


For some reason the inclusion of 山道 makes me wish 坂道 was also in the system somewhere… good additions all around though

Would be possible to post a list of items that are being hidden? I would like to be able to do anki cards for those items. Thanks!


Sorry we are surrounded by puritans.


I especially appreciate the simpler example sentences in these new additions. I love the quirkiness of WaniKani but some more standard sentences really help out.


Not disagreeing w/ you. Although, can anyone give some source for that particular phrase?
(I mean surely like 99% of this forum’s users come from WK, right?)

hey, I thought that name was familiar!

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Quotation is bugging out for me in that thread, but it’s at the bottom of Goal 3 :wink:

Ah! I knew I had seen them before.

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For people asking about items to be hidden, we won’t be hiding anything until at least June and we’ll share a full list (with reasoning) before we do :nerd_face: We’ll also take into account all feedback before hiding anything :slight_smile:


Pretty disappointing the new items don’t have sounds for reviews. It’s always nice to get new items but when you are already level 60 some of the newer items are too simple, it would be nice to just mark them as known or something.

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You’re joking, right?


sometimes I wonder how that thread remained ‘civil’… although it’s interesting to note that essentially nothing has changed.

Oh hey, I’m now at L33 on both WK and BP! cool!

(and I’m still at low-N4 :stuck_out_tongue:)

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what’s that script for JLPT %?
I need this in my life

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Thank you kind sir

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