WaniKani causing PC audio to mess up?

From around a few months ago every time I use WaniKani on my PC within about 5 minutes my right side speaker/headphone looses audio. It does not happen when I am doing anything else on my PC only when I am doing my reviews on WaniKani. I have to restart my PC to fix the problem. I have no idea why this is happening. I do have several scripts installed but I have most of my time using WaniKani. Would anyone know why this would be happening or what may be causing it? Thanks.

Can you check if the same thing happens with the audio on this page:

No it doesn’t seem to be happening. I tried playing different audios from that site for 5-10min but it was all good. However if WaniKani has caused the issue and then I go to that site afterwards it also does it there too.

Can you try disabling all scripts for a while to see if that helps?

Okay I tired that but the problem still happens. But now it has also happened a couple of time when I turn on my pc. I’m not sure if is an entirely WaniKani issue but when my audio is working normally and I go to do my reviews without fail it will happen at some point in WaniKani.

Looks like a PC problem that just so happens to be triggered by the way WK handles audio. Try the usual stuff like updating all your software and drivers. Otherwise, I’d take it to someone who can actually look at your PC and diagnose the issue.

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It was my sound card in the end. Got a new one and it’s fixed. Thanks for your help.


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