WaniKani Burn Reviews Help please

Recently I have been wanting to refresh on my Burn items. I know there seems to be a decent amount of forums out there on this topic but I can’t seem to find my sceanrio. I have recently downloaded the script “Wanikani Burn Reviews” by Jonny Dark. I have it downloaded it in my tampermonkey and it currently seems to be running. It displays on my wanikani dashboard underneath my critical condition items. However it is constantly reading “Retrieving Radical Data.” Is that something I need to do or just taking awhile for the script to run?

Not sure if the old Burn Reviews script is still working, but it is not being maintained at least. You should install the Self Study Quiz script instead, and used the filters to only review burned items

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Thank you! I’ll be sure to give that one a try and report back

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Alright it seems to be working, I downloaded open framework and everything. Thank you so much for your help


No problem!

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