WaniKani Bumper Stickers

I am thinking about purchasing some of the stickers from the store for making them car bumper stickers. The store says they are waterproof. But I am not sure if they are made to stand up to the elements and intense heat where I live in Florida. Does anyone know of they would work on the outside of a car? Has anyone tried it?

And if so, time for pictures of of all the things we have stuck WaniKani and Tofugu stickers to!!!


You could probably just put some lacquer on it

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I can’t directly answer your question but I have used these items to make durable, weatherproof and removable stickers. It’s a fairly easy crafting project.


I might try the sealant idea. The sticker part should be fine sticking though, right?

Magnetic sheet… Good idea.
Though I’ve still seen magnetic leave marks on cars.
Been toying with the idea of ordering from B-Side for ‘bumper stickers’ but don’t like the idea of not being able to remove them. That and the expensive shipping.
I’d probably just put them on windows. Can scrap them off if I ever try to sell the car.


Mine will probably be on my back window or back trunk.

@Greenfire311 and @DaisukeJigen I prefer removable stuff because I like to change things around from time to time. My magnets have been on the fridge …so not sure about leaving marks on cars. Sticky stuff, if strong enough to hold onto a bumper will definitely be hard to remove without marks…so depends on your long term plans for the car.

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It would probably be on there until the sticker died. Would magnetic stuff stay on the car?

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Old car had a couple magnets on it. Stayed on for years, eventually fell off in car wash. Did leave some discoloration behind. Years of not being exposed to the elements I guess.


I might put it on my window then.

Ahhh! Magnetic sheet, that’s a great idea!

I haven’t stuck my WK stickers to anything because I didn’t want to use them up, but now I’m going to back them onto magnetic sheet and they’re going to live on the fridge. Glorious. :durtle: :crabigator:


I’m kind of hoping for a Tofugu or WaniKani kaiju or something on my car. :crocodile::crab::shallow_pan_of_food:

I want


My stickers are on my Kanji binder. They look beautiful!


Pictures :heart_eyes:

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I stuck a WaniKani sticker on a bullet journal spread (see link for picture)!

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