Wanikani anki is it worth it

I know this has been discussed, but i want to ask this question. Is it worth it or not

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What’s wanikani anki?


anki deck for wanikani

I know people have talked about the moral grey area of this in the past but I have about as much care and respect for WK as the dev team. If you can do it for free, do it.


If you’re going for an anki deck, I’d find something that orders the kanji in a better order than WK does (and cuts down on some of the superfluous vocab)

the problem i have with wanikani is some vocabulary is not useful

is it effiencent/ worth it?

Imho, if you want to use Anki, I’d rather recommend the Core 2.3k deck instead.

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I hope you’re studying as much as you’re spending time worrying about the best way to study >_>


Have you met language learners before? :stuck_out_tongue:




if you don’t like WaniKani’s vocab, why on earth would you switch to Anki only to review the exact same WaniKani content? No offense, but do you read what you type?


Maybe they’d remove the vocab they don’t want to review from the deck… :person_shrugging:

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Low key that is a deep question but I live in au no one speaks Japanese so but I am hitting my target time

Not irl I live in au

I was gonna remove the vocab because I have never used granted that I am level 10 but I am spending a lot of time on vocab

I don’t see much useless vocab in the first 10 levels, so I assume this worry is based on forum talk versus personal experience.

Sure, you probably won’t use something like 月見 in daily discussion — but it’s clearly there to reinforce the kanji they’re teaching you, and illustrate how they combine to form words.

If you don’t like that approach then no, WaniKani probably isn’t for you.

Wanikani Anki doesn’t do much your can’t do with a reorder script (besides skipping levels). If you don’t like the contents of WK then it won’t help. And without the WK unlock mechanism I think the overall experience will probably be worse.

There are many other kanji and vocab learning tools, I’d recommend trying those instead if you don’t enjoy WK, not going for an arguably worse alternative.

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There isn’t a lot of “useless” vocab in the first ten levels but if your objective is to bootstrap your vocab the order taught on WK is certainly far from optimal. You learn “draft beer” and “fur” at level 3 but you have to wait for level 30 to learn “to push”, “to play” or “to take a picture”.

Of course the reality is that WK vocab is here to reinforce the kanji first and foremost. I use other tools to learn vocab personally but still find WK mostly ok for kanji (especially the first ~30 levels, after that I have other gripes with the system that have already been discussed at length on these forums).


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