Waiting for days because of ONE radical

I have read your FAQ explaining the waiting time. But in my case I find that it is much too long. I joined yesterday, did the first lesson on 26 radical and passed two reviews without a single error. At the third time this morning, I had a single error. I had to wait for 4 hours to repeat this single radical and then another 8 hours after which I still got asked only this one radical. Now I have to wait again for 11 hours - which makes in total one day for one single radical.

The dashboard shows a ‘26’ for the next day, but this was already there yesterday and there is still no new lesson. It is frustrating.

Getting one radical wrong does not delay unlocking of all kanji. Each radical unlocks new kanji when it reaches guru level, regardless of the state of the other radicals.

It takes in total, at the very least, 41 hours to get an item to guru.

edit: it’s actually 41 hours, I forgot that I already halved it :sweat_smile:


Thanks for your answer.
ok, although being left for 41 hours with 26 simple radicals is rather boring. But what is the meaning of this “26 - next day”? When is “next day” and what will happen then (or should have happened by now)?

We all agree with this, but it’s just something you’ll have to get through 251446983644938240 It ramps up as you get more items in the system.

Within the nest 24 hours you will have another 26 reviews. Some might be in 2 hours, some might be in 23 hours, but in total you have 26 reviews scheduled within the next 24 hours.


I understand how you feel, I felt that way too when I began Wanikani. I even started learning kanji using other programs additionally during the first few levels because I was bored. However, you will notice that you don’t find people above level 10-15 complaining about wait times, because by the time you get to about level 8-9, your reviews start piling up exponentially. I noticed it at level 8, all of the sudden things were getting a lot more intense. I’m only level 13 and I had 347 reviews the other day. I didn’t let them pile up, that’s just how many I had. I haven’t even started burning anything yet, which will increase my number even more. If you can stick it out for the first few levels, you’ll find that things will pick up rapidly. Many people have actually quit because things sped up too fast and they got overwhelmed trying to keep up their original pace.

That doesn’t mean the first few levels don’t feel really slow, because they are, but there is a reason for it. If you’re getting frustrated, I recommend spending this time learning grammar. There are a ton of grammar resources you can check out, both free and paid, and they will definitely fill up your time. You can also start practicing listening. Of course, you won’t be able to understand much at this time, but it definitely helps just to get a hang of how the language sounds.


I am still pretty new too. I felt it was really slow too. Also got hung up on two kanji before I could progress. Once the vocab unlocked, things really picked up. And once I got past those last two kanji and level two unlocked, it picked up more. The wait can be a nuisance but I use that time to study the kanji and vocab again before the review comes up again. I also try listening to people talking even though I don’t know enough, but might pick up a word once in awhile. Like mentioned, there are grammar guides you can go over too. Wanikani is just one resource out of many available.

Good luck and welcome


Just repeating what the others are saying. It is really slow for the first few levels. Then it gradually builds. Now I am at the point where I have more lessons than I can take on.

I understand how you feel. I have to wait 3 days for my next reviews. I’m level 60, I’m too old for this.

Since this post went viral I'm gonna update it.

Now I have to wait 14 days


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