Voicing example sentences in lessons

For me, example sentences are most useful at the stage of learning new vocabulary, but I cannot work out how to get the audio until I am doing reviews. Am I missing something, or is this a facility that could be added?

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Audio for example sentences? Is that what you’re asking for? As far as I know that doesn’t exist at all (it’s be awesome of course).
Otherwise, if you mean audio for vocab, that should work during lessons. I prolly listen to the vocab 10+ times each time I do a lesson. Maybe a script is blocking it by mistake if it’s the vocab thing?

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Audio for example sentences probably will never exist, but use [Userscript]: Anime Context Sentences for now.

However, there is nothing bad about trying to read it. (No one will confirm you, though.)

In my Anki deck, I have fields that I choose both Sentence and SentenceAudio (i.e. audio file).

[Userscript] Advanced Context Sentence 2 This has voice synthesis for the example sentences if that’s what you’re looking for.

I would be cautious of voice synthesis. It’s not strange that it picks a wrong Furigana. (Also, so far, I haven’t seen any voice synthesis that has Furigana support.)


I don’t use it for the voice synthesis part so can’t comment, still a useful plugin otherwise.

Thanks for this information - I see now that the original Advanced Context Sentence script is no longer maintained, and that will explain why I only had the audio option sometimes.

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