Voice Recordings for Alternate Readings?

This might be the worst time to make such a suggestion, after the recent voice overhaul. Or perhaps, it could be the best. Some WK users don’t use the WK recordings, but I love them. Out of nothing more than sheer curiosity and for the sake of completeness, I have a feature suggestion.

I’m in the middle of doing lessons, and an interesting word pops up:

がいめん is the reading that autoplays, and afaik there is no recording for the less common reading, そとづら。 That’s more than likely to prevent people from getting confused as to what the most common reading is, but would it be possible to have an option to play the alternate reading manually? Maybe have a button elsewhere somewhere further down the page?

Forgive my atrocious attempt to write with a mouse. Maybe I’m just a ridiculous level of nerd but I’ll savour each and every opportunity to hear native Japanese when I can, and I figure if the readings were deemed important enough to list, they kinda deserve their own recording too.



Strangely enough, I swear I’ve heard the audio for 近々 as ちかぢか and きんきん, but can’t find any way to choose what will actually play… I think this would be a great feature!


You did. The new voice actor used kinkin, I reported it as the reading notes refer to the rendaku to jika so it has been fixed back to chikajika.


Oh, that makes sense. Thank you for letting me know!

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