Vocabulary API

So when I goto https://www.wanikani.com/api/user/e89ea38cb59d7a872c7e23416c061950/vocabulary there is an extra “general” level under the requested information. Is this intentional? I don’t see it mentioned in the API docs.

I have no idea what that is… it apparently disappears when you use a level argument, which is what you should do anyway.
If you want to get all vocab, I recommend cutting your request in two requests of 25 levels. Otherwise, high level users will hit the undocumented timeout (known issue).

I figured I’d have to load in half at a time eventually, was cheating for now to build the basics with my api key. Hopefully I don’t come across anymore of these undocumented tags. you get some very strange errors when you start looping over a Hash instead of an Array in a language that uses dynamic, implicit typing.