API VocabularyList method problem

Hey all, while developing an extension,
i found something that is wrong in API documentation.

In Documentation on Vocabulary List:

“requested_information”: [

“character”: “ふじ山”,

“kana”: “ふじさん”,

but when you make the call it comes like this:

there is a new attribute, so we dont have really a list of Vocabulary objects inside RequestedInformation object, but a “general” attribute before it.

as i am still on level 2, i cant see if there are any other “attribute” like that, maybe a group name for vocabularies?

Can someone explain me plz?

I reported this to Viet a while back, it’s probably pretty low on his to-do list right now.

General simply means you have not request specific levels.

ampaze said... General simply means you have not request specific levels.
 Hey! that is it!
sending a level number as parameter it works like Kanji/Radicals.

Thanks, that will save my abstract classes for now ^^

It’s a bug as it’s not consistent across interfaces. If you request all kanji or all radicals, it’s not the same.

Yeah. It’s not suppose to be formatted this way. I would lock your application into the current API version. The next API update will have a more consistent format.