Vocab Learning

Question, under vocabulary info there are example sentences. Should I be focusing om learning how these work as a whole, or are they just for the purpose of seeing the vocab being used. Thanks in advance.

At level 1 especially; the latter, I’d say.

You’ll find that a lot of example sentences use kanji you don’t know yet. That’s because it’s hard to make natural sentences using only the kanji learned in the first few levels.

So overall, if you’re quite new to Japanese, I’d take them as giving more context as to how it tends to be used. That’s useful for words where the translation is very similar. You’ll learn several words that can be translated to “action,” for example. The example sentences can help clarify usage that isn’t clear from just the closest one-word translation.

As you progress with grammar on your own - be sure to give them closer glances as you progress through the levels. Good practice. :slight_smile:

Welcome and good luck on your kanji journey!


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