Vocab here I come!

Heya guys! been a few days XD

I am about to start my vocab journey, that being no longer doing only Kanji and Grammar (grammar sucks XD)

I can imagine this process is gonna be hella painful at first since I don’t really consume japanese media, but with Kitsun and some dedication, I’m sure I can get into it!

sooo, any tips for those first periods of starting to learn vocab? lemme know!!!

hope ur all well <3

see ya!


look for a srs system to learn vocab, duh.

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Maybe okay advice, without the attitude.

What’s your goal for learning vocab?


WK does have vocab, but it’s mainly to attach the learned Kanji to things. About 70% of WK is vocab! But it doesn’t really give you that many essential words early on due to complexity of later characters and learned radicals. Noticing that you are level 6, you already have quite a little stack of vocab in those wrinkles in your brain now. Maybe you are getting grammar mixed up with vocab, did you mean vocab? That being said, WK doesn’t have said essential vocab I complained about that you can immediately absorb due to kanji combos and complexity. Or it’s just not entirely kanji related. It’ll give you the vocab for some things but the grammar that may be attached to modify the words is often left blank since WK just is not made for grammar.


thanks <3
hmm, not too sure! I would like to start (even if basic) feeling like I can answer simple questions I get asked (how long have you studied for, where do you live, would you like a bag with that) etc, and feel a bit more confident in what’s being asked of me. In the end, when I lived in japan I got around fine with very limited speaking ability for the year, but when I go back next I would like to feel I have a better situation

if that makes sense XD

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Maybe try something like Genki or lingodeer? They should teach you basic phrases that will help you learn that type of vocab. Just be careful not to load yourself up with too many things. If you want to stidy kanji, grammar and vocab all at the same time, mayble alternate days and not do all three every day?

In Soviet Russia, kanji learns you!


Sounds like Japanese pod 101 to me, would also recommend it. They have the first chapter (beginner) for free, which covers already a bunch of daily situation and grammar.